GamingKnowing poker face meaning can give you an edge in game. Know...

Knowing poker face meaning can give you an edge in game. Know how

Have you ever been told that you are showing up a poker face just because you did not like someone saying something? Or have anyone told you that you always display a poker face? Well, believe it or not, even the poker face has gone so viral that even social media apps have their own set of emojis where a poker face is included. According to the beliefs, poker face is a straight face that does not show any expression of happiness, sadness, anger, or some other emotion. Now, do you know why this particular expression is called the poker face? Well, if you hadn’t known it before, you need to proceed and read this post. Let’s not exaggerate other things and narrate the important details straightaway.

What is a poker face?

Figuratively, a poker face is a non-expressional face that does not express any kind of feelings or emotions. In the poker games, the poker face meaning is a face that does not give any clue of the latter moves. And this face is denoted by the player. In any poker game, every player wants to anticipate and understand the following move of their opponents. But if the opponent displays a poker face, the player is unable to speculate what moves that opponent will make. Bluffing is an important component in the poker games, and if you’re a pro in it, you will be able to show the best poker face. Now, how will a poker face give an edge in your gameplay? Here’s a list of strategies to consider.

Moving your lips and brows smartly

Nervousness will be indicated through these involuntary motions of lips as well as eyebrows. While you show up these movements after glancing at your cards, your opponents will realise what type of hand you have. That even results in the individuals to be less willing to grab chances, thereby making it all the more complicated to anticipate your expressions!

Breathing: Neither too fast nor too slow

Suppose you get a weak hand, and out of nervousness and anxiety, you breathe too fast. This will make your opponent understand the type of hand that you have. For this reason, you need to show a poker face, even if you have a poor hand. Don’t let your opponents recognize what’s there in your hand through your expressions. Always make it a point to bluff in such a manner that your opponent fails to understand the truth!

Put fingers on the ears and nose

When it comes to gambling in the poker game, it is never a great idea to rub your nose or ears. That’s true especially upon putting the stake. If you tap the face, it just implies how restless you are!  As soon as you start playing the game, beating atop with your fingertips, shuffling, and stroking, the cards may never be a good idea. Such gestures denote a higher degree of anxiety. And too much of laughing or smiling also indicates your strategies! So, never do that!

It becomes highly praiseworthy to show up a decent poker face that neither expresses positive nor negative responses. In fact, it maintains a straight expression. That’s how you can communicate with your opponents that too calmly. When the tensions are high, it becomes tough. However, you cannot stop your game. So, just take a chill pill and relax your mind to show a poker face brilliantly. Also, you must ensure that you don’t unintentionally express the most important information via your body postures by through poor strategies. If you want to win, make sure that you don’t let others understand what hand you have. 

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