Cyber security tips that will help protect your online business

  • December 21, 2021
  • 4 min read
Cyber security tips that will help protect your online business

Data breaches have become common now that more people are into e-commerce. Hackers and cybercriminals have developed new ways to get into ecommerce websites and steal personal and financial data, causing huge loses.

You should always have secure measurements in place especially when building or installing computers and network devices meant for your business.

How do you protect your small business from Cyber Attacks and Hackers?

To protect your online business form cyber attackers, here are a few measures you can uphold:

Use an antivirus or internet security suite

Antivirus or Antimalware works by placing an anti hacking lock into your devices which protects your information and prevents hackers from accessing any data.  It also scans your device to identify any existing threats and then eliminates or controls the threats immediately.

If your devices came with an anti-virus program, it is important that you keep it updated according to the manufacturer’s standards so it can work as required. Make sure all devices used to handle your online business have an installed anti-virus for extra data protection. 

Use a firewall

Firewalls are virtual structures that come in both hardware and software devices. This security device can help you secure your network by blocking malicious and suspicious traffic from getting authorized access to the private information stored in your computer. Installing a firewall in your computer is a great defense against malicious software like viruses, Trojans and worms.

Use strong passwords – encourage your customers to use strong passwords

Keeping track of your passwords can be a bit complicated, especially if you own endless accounts online. Regardless, strong passwords are important. With easy passwords, hackers can get easy access to confidential client data and financial data in your business and this may lead to a huge loss on your part. To prevent this, encourage the use of strong passwords for both clients and employees.

Password management programs can help you maintain strong, unique passwords which eases you work. The programs work by generating strong passwords for the accounts you set up. Most browsers do come with a built-in password manager. The problem with these is that the passwords are stored in the browser, leaving them vulnerable to hackers.

You can also use 2FA as a second layer of protection. This requires users to pass through a second authentication process before accessing their account.

Train and educate your team as well as your consumers

One of the key factors in cybercrime detection and prevention is to accurately analyze, detect and take down fraudulent sites before your customers are defrauded. Online scammers use illegitimate sites to steal information from online users. Scammers also create fraudulent website which they use to trick customers into giving up personal and financial information. As a business owner, it is your duty to create a system that will help you analyze, detect and take down fraudulent websites before your company becomes a victim to scammers.

Educate your clients as well as your staff on methods use by cybercriminals to infiltrate businesses and personal online information. If your employees use the same work laptops for home use, you should educate them on dangers of the internet and safety measures when using the same devices for home use. Make sure they have anti-virus software, are precautious when browsing the internet and streaming on legitimate sites like piratebay to prevent chances of malware infection which can lead to data breaches.

Educate your employees on reputable anti-virus. Remember, your online business security is only as good as your weakest employee. Chances are, your website is at a high risk of getting a cyber-attack at the hands of your employees if they are not that careful. This means you have an important role of making sure all your staff follows all security procedures set in place when accessing your business site to avoid any cyber-attacks.

Secure your network connection

Hackers can use your network connection to access the information on your website.  If you use shared network, the security of your business is always at risk. This is because the business is exposed to phishing, account take over attacks, malware and other threats.

The best solution would be to use an independent server for your business network. Get a separate server for your business and a separate one for home.

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