Top 7 Ways to Solve Problems Easily

  • May 31, 2022
  • 4 min read
Top 7 Ways to Solve Problems Easily

Problem solving can seem complicated. But there are special techniques that help make it efficient, as well as speed up and simplify tasks. Let’s learn about these techniques.

Use the “5 Why’s”

This technique helps to get to the essence and cause of the problem, as well as to understand how to deal with it effectively. It consists of consistently asking the question “Why?” and finding the answer to it. It should be done at least five times.

For example, you want to solve the problem of being constantly late to work. What the technique will look like visually:

  • Why am I late for work? I always hit the snooze button and just want to keep going to sleep.
  • Why do I want to keep going to sleep? I feel tired in the morning.
  • Why do I feel tired in the morning? Because I went to bed late.
  • Why did I go to bed late? I didn’t feel sleepy after I had coffee in the afternoon, so I just kept flipping through my social media feed without stopping.
  • Why did I drink coffee in the afternoon? Because I was too sleepy at work after not getting enough sleep the night before.

As you can see, the problem isn’t laziness or alarm clocks that you turn off, it’s that your sleep patterns aren’t established. It is worth making a habit of going to bed and getting up at the same time, giving up social media a couple of hours before you are going to bed, and not drinking coffee during the day, if it keeps you awake through the night.

List Solutions

Try to think of all possible solutions, even if they look ridiculous and ridiculous. It is important to try to look at the situation from the outside, setting aside personal prejudices, giving free rein to creativity. Don’t ridicule or criticize yourself for ridiculous decisions. Sometimes they are worthwhile thoughts and help you find an effective way out of a difficult situation.

Solve Puzzles and Logic Problems

A winning strategy when playing chess, trying 22Bet live horse racing, or picking other brain-stimulating games is to solve a problem by calculating several moves ahead of time. They develop strategic thinking, which is often necessary to solve real-world and everyday problems. So if you can’t solve a problem, distract yourself for a while with a crossword puzzle or a game of checkers.

Draw a Mind Map to Visualize the Problem

If you love detective plots in movies, you’ve surely seen the hero draw lines on the board to tie all the events together and make a picture of the incident. This method is also suitable for solving problems effectively.

Take a piece of paper, some colored pens, and draw a mental map of the problem. Make sure that the drawing includes the central idea, which is the problem itself, and contains the causes of the problem. Then draw sub-branches, lines that suggest possible solutions, before analyzing them and choosing the best option.

Use Past Experiences

Take time to think about whether you’ve encountered a similar situation in the past. This can help you make connections between different events. Ask yourself how you approached the previous situation, and adapt those solutions to the problem you’re trying to deal with now.

Ask for Help

Friends, family members, or colleagues may have different experiences, ideas, and skills that they can use to help you find the best solution to the problem.

Consider asking colleagues or peers to tell you what they would do if they were in your situation. Even if you don’t accept any of their suggestions, the conversation can help you think through your ideas and come up with a new solution.

Keep Your Emotions Under Control

Emotions or stress can sometimes affect our thinking and judgment. Don’t let them cloud your mind. In most cases, problems are best solved logically. Try to embrace rational thinking and let it control your actions.

If you realize you’re too emotionally charged, pause and allow yourself to calm down first. Step away from the problem and switch to something else. Or think about it later, for example in a couple of hours, when your condition has improved and your emotions have subsided.

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