How Your Brain Responds When You Play FIFA

  • September 12, 2022
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How Your Brain Responds When You Play FIFA

As humans, we enjoy the thrill of engaging in various activities. Many of us have experienced heart-racing adrenaline from watching our favorite team or player perform live or engage in an activity. On the other hand, we can get excited when playing with our mobile phones while using a phone stand for bed for how many hours. A similar feeling can be experienced through playing video games like FIFA Ultimate Team.

What is the FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a prevalent game mode in the FIFA series, with many fans. The game’s goal is to create a dream team, which can be done by buying packs with coins. These coins can be purchased with real money or earned by opening free packs that are earned throughout the game.

You must try to win as many matches as possible to climb the leaderboards and get promoted to higher divisions. There is also a single-player mode, where you can play against AI-controlled opponents or practice against the best teams in the world. But what happens to our brains when we play FIFA? Let’s look at the psychology behind it.

  1. You don’t realize how much time has passed

FIFA Ultimate Team is one of the most popular features in EA’s FIFA series. It’s a mode where players can build their teams from scratch and compete against others online. However, many people don’t realize how much time they spend on this feature. They’ll boot up the game, start playing, and then realize hours have passed without them noticing.

This is because FUT has severe psychological hooks that keep players returning for more. Here are just ways it does this:

  • It’s easy to get started

You don’t need any previous knowledge of football or soccer to enjoy FUT. With a few simple button presses, you can jump right into the action, making it suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

  • It’s easy to play 

The controls in FUT are simple enough that anyone can pick up a controller and start playing within minutes of starting a new match. This means you don’t need any experience with other games before you launch into FUT.

  • There’s a sense of progress  

The more matches you win, the more rewards you’ll be able to unlock for your team and the better chance you have at winning.

  1. You get overly excited when you pack a good player

FIFA Ultimate Team is a game where you can collect players, build your dream squad, and play against other teams online. To do this, you need to buy packs of cards that contain random players. Sometimes these packs have super rare players worth a lot of money (or coins). When this happens, getting excited and losing control of yourself is easy.

Your brain releases dopamine. It is a neurotransmitter that aids the control of the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. This causes you to feel pleasure when you get something that makes you happy. It’s why we get excited when we win money or receive gifts.

  1. You get some extreme highs – and lows

The team you build in FIFA Ultimate Team is an extension of your personality. It’s a reflection of how you want to be seen by others and a way to show off your unique skills. That’s why it’s so easy for people to get emotionally invested in their teams.

When things are going well, you feel like the world is on your side, and nothing can stop you. You’re invincible, and all of your decisions are correct. But when things go badly, it can feel like the world is against you and everything is going wrong. Your decisions aren’t right anymore, and there’s no one else to blame but yourself.

  1. You start to justify your spending

When you start playing FIFA Ultimate Team, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. You’re winning games and getting good players, so you spend money on the game. As far as your brain is concerned, this is just another purchase — it’s no different than buying a pair of jeans or a new pair of shoes. 

But once you’ve spent some money on FIFA Ultimate Team, things change. Now that you’ve invested your time and money into the game, your brain starts justifying your spending by making it seem worth it. And because you’ve already put in so much time and effort, it makes sense that you should continue playing if it means getting better players. If you want to buy FUT coins at a reliable site without worrying about the price, click here.

  1. You begin to believe FIFA is real life

When playing FIFA Ultimate Team, your brain is tricked into thinking this is real life. The game allows you to become a football club manager and buy players to join your team. As you progress through the game, your team becomes stronger and stronger, and you become more confident in your abilities as a manager.

The next thing that happens is you start to feel like you’re in control of your destiny. You begin to believe that if you play well enough and win games, you’ll be able to get players on the top of your wish list.


As any FIFA player knows, playing Ultimate Team is never just about the game. A ton of mental factors go into each game, and if you want to win consistently, those factors have to be managed effectively. 

If you learn how your mind works during FUT games, you can control your emotions in the right ways and eliminate their negative impacts on performance. Keeping these facts in mind will turn your mental game from a real battle of strength and skill to knowing when to press or pull back when to panic or relax.

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