EducationTop 5 Reasons Why You Need Online Newsletter Templates

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Online Newsletter Templates

These factors led organizations to invest more in quality newsletters this year than they had in years prior. Online newsletter templates empower brands to maintain that quality level. 

But how do online newsletter templates elevate a digital marketing strategy? And what makes them worthwhile for your business?

What Are Newsletters?

Newsletters are periodic bulletins that communicate your organization’s activities to invested constituents. Newsletter recipients may be clients, donors, current customers, or potential customers. 

Typically, newsletter recipients are warm leads, if not current clients, as they must intentionally sign up to receive a newsletter. So, the most useful newsletters fit into a broader marketing strategy. 

Top 5 Reasons to Use Online Newsletter Templates

A newsletter design template is useful when newsletters play a part in your marketing strategy. Online design programs empower you to choose from a library of sample newsletter templates. 

Yet, their utility isn’t necessarily obvious. Fortunately, there are five solid reasons to use newsletter templates from a digital library.

1. Streamline Newsletter Production

Newsletters work best when you can reliably produce them once or twice per month. Keeping up with that schedule requires your brand to brainstorm, write, edit, design, and illustrate.

Each step takes time. Newsletter templates let you make design decisions once, then iterate. 

Rather than create each month’s newsletter from scratch, you have a clear basis to jump off from. 

It also makes your steps more specific. “Illustrate,” is vague. “Choose three photographs and one graph, set to specific dimensions” narrows your scope. That, in turn, makes it easier to hit the deadline.

2. Enhance Brand Cohesion and Messaging

Templates enhance your brand’s cohesion and messaging by reflecting your tone and values aesthetically. Color palettes, fonts, and illustration choices communicate as much as your words do.

Consider this: daycare newsletter templates cultivate a different mood and tone than legal business newsletter templates. Choosing the right templates lets you convey playfulness, seriousness, or eco-friendliness through imagery.

3. Improve Newsletter Readability

Readability: you know it when you see it. Design choices like line spacing, font, brightness contrast, and composition all contribute to visual clarity. But if you’re not a designer, it’s not always obvious which choices work well.

With templates, you can skip the trial-and-error. All templates are designed to be readable. That frees you to focus on other aspects of your company’s message.

4. Boost Email Newsletter Open Rates

There are plenty of tactics to increase email open rates. Personalization, clever subject lines, and A/B testing all push people on your list to open your email.

Templates offer options that boost email newsletter open rates. They help you deliver a consistently good product. And they can offer unique subject-line inspiration.

5. Optimize Newsletters to Boost SEO

Newsletters can boost search engine optimization by promoting brand awareness. This can be indirect. For instance, using your company’s logo to brand your newsletter can make it easier to recognize elsewhere. 

You can also encourage readers to engage with online content, which will boost your traffic. Build your brand’s reputation by encouraging social media engagement. 

Templates can remind you to include these calls to action. Many have clickable social media icons in the design, ready and waiting for you to embed your links. 

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