EducationShould You Take a Photoshop Surface Design Course?

Should You Take a Photoshop Surface Design Course?

If you want to be a professional Surface Designer, a good understanding of the software is important. This is because this software is used to create repeat patterns and illustrations, and now Adobe Photoshop has become an industry standard for Surface Design. But if you haven’t yet trained to use this software, taking a course may be the answer to making you more professional, sooner. 

For the best in Adobe Photoshop Classes, The Print School should be your first choice. Read on to learn more about them, and software for surface design as a whole. 

Why Learn New Software?

There are many different ways to create digital artwork, and this includes free apps and apps that are easy to use on your iPad or tablet. But these may not be good enough. 

To ensure that you can create files that are accepted by Microstock sites like Shutterstock, (where people upload art and designs to licence to people or companies to use for commercial purposes) and Print on Demand sites, you need to learn to use Adobe Photoshop. 

It may seem very overwhelming to think about learning new software, and there is often a huge learning curve to using Photoshop. But once you take the time to become proficient, and make your first design, you’ll start looking into the incredible things you can do in Photoshop and soon become an expert. At first, there will be a lot of frustration, but once you have the skills to use Photoshop, you will never lose them, and can even become an industry leader in using Photoshop for Surface Design. 

Overall, the effort of learning new software does pay off, as you can reap the benefits for years to come. 

Why Photoshop?

On the technical side, Adobe Photoshop makes raster images that are made up of pixels. This means that, unlike vector patterns, if you make a raster pattern in Photoshop, you wouldn’t be able to scale your patterns up or down without losing image quality. If you made a pattern and then you realised you wanted to make the pattern bigger, you will lose quality. That being said, raster images can scale down to a certain size without losing much quality. So often, you will find that people make larger images in Photoshop and then scale them down if necessary. Despite this, raster-based images allow you to get more photorealistic images, and this is why many artists prefer Photoshop for images.

The main reason Photoshop is suggested for Surface Pattern Design is, that if you want to include your watercolour, acrylic and oil pastel art in a pattern, you can easily make this a repeating pattern in Photoshop and have it remain textured, or even more texture if you want. In addition, you can draw artwork on paper, the old-fashioned way and then scan it into Photoshop to clean it up and arrange it into patterns. 

Common file types Photoshop uses are .jpeg and .png files, and this aligns with what most Prints on Demand Sites use if you want to sell. 

Why Take A Course? 

Now, this depends on where you go to get a course. But if you work with the right people, you can get all the skills you need to make digital fabric design to a professional standard. Doing a course is a great way to learn from the experts and break into textile design while skipping to the important part: commercial success. 

When choosing a place to get your learned expertise, you need to look to a school with expert teachers working in the field, proven success stories and affordability. 

With all this in mind, look to The Print School.

If you do a course with the Print School, you’re working with the industry’s first-ever surface pattern design school, and they are the largest print school in the world, and also operate as a working studio. Longina Phillips Design is the studio behind The Print School and has been running for over 30 years and working with some of the biggest clients in the world. 

When it comes to mastering textiles and design, nothing beats a well-made, thought-out, easy-to-understand online course. 

The Benefit of Courses

Here’s why a course is a smart investment for anyone getting started or wanting to polish up on their design knowledge. 


When you do a design course, you’ll learn how to back yourself, and propel your career forward with your newly found knowledge. You will also have the confidence to create well and build a global career over time.  This confidence will come with practice, education and support. 

Level Up

An online design course can be the key to a better you. You can turn your hobby into money, expand your existing skill set for premium growth, and even learn to produce better designs, faster with less cost. 

For those who already know the world of digital surface printing, you can use an online course to hone your technique, and this can lead to you charging better prices for your now premium work. 

Learn the Tricks

When you do an online course, you can come to understand the tricks that experts use to make their work of high quality, while also responding to demands a professional will have. You can also gain insight into industry information regarding Photoshop, as well as scanning, drawing and making images of the highest quality for print. 

Learn Faster

On the job training, or being self-taught is a long, arduous process that can take time and sometimes result in lost work, less quality work, bad habits and other such issues. You can easily bypass these problems if you partake in online courses.

In addition, you will receive immediate feedback from experts, build networks and set yourself up for success in the future. 

What The Print School Covers

If you’re considering looking into a course provided by the Print School, there are many aspects covered, and these include: 


This includes going over all the tips and tricks to plan and execute your artwork as professionally as possible. 


This insight includes spotting incoming trends, understanding commercial textile production as well as getting insider knowledge from industry experts. 


This allows you to become a master of all tools possible within Adobe Photoshop and give anything you design the boost it needs to be valued in the current market. 


Expand your horizons, enhance your creativity and learn how to compose new, beautiful designs with a wide appeal and market strength. 


This will allow you to improve your finished designs and produce industry-standard artwork that is ready for production and always of high quality. 


You can learn how to work faster, with time-saving hacks that don’t compromise on quality while increasing quantity. 

Choose The Print School Today

When it comes to making great courses, no one beats The Print School, not only do they give you courses that are well designed, but they also provide you with a completion certificate and access to their social media groups, where you can connect to their network of past students and teachers. This allows you to troubleshoot your design issues and run your work past the experts. 

Choose the best, and contact the Print School today. 

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