Why Do You Write Songs? And Why Is It Important To Know?

  • September 25, 2021
  • 3 min read
Why Do You Write Songs? And Why Is It Important To Know?

I have seen many people who write songs due to different reasons and inspirations. Due to these reasons, they can write such awesome songs and can give an emotional touch to their songs. Now, you may be wondering that what can be the reasons that inspire a writer to write such beautiful songs. So, let’s know about some such reasons:

It helps you to express your emotions: Sometimes by writing songs, we can share our feelings and emotions very easily. If you want to propose your loved one or want to apologize to someone whom you hurt unintentionally but are unable to express your emotions in words, then you can write a song for them. Apart from this, if you are missing someone and want to let them know about their importance in your life, then also you can express your feelings by writing a song for them. In case, you never write any song in your life then you can take the help of online songwriting lessons, and believe me it will going to be very helpful to you.

It helps you to reduce your stress: People in the age group of 18-25 have to face many problems like relationship issues, problems with friends, family pressure, problems in career, and much more. In such a situation, either they become a victim of depression or suicide seems to be the last option for them. But if they put all their tension and stress on paper through writing a song, then believe me they will love it and it can reduce half of their tension. It gives you a chance to write all your tensions, anxiety, and anger on paper in the form of a song. So, writing a song not only narrates your emotions but can also reduce your stress level. In case, you are facing difficulty in writing the songs then you can also take the help of online live music lessons which make you understand all the important aspects of writing a song.

Just to felt good: It is not necessary that we write songs only to reduce the stress and express our feelings. Whenever I feel bored or tired, I pick up my guitar and start writing anything.  Sometimes those songs are written a little bad but sometimes those suddenly written songs look so good that I am proud of them. With this, my talent comes in front of the world, and even if it does not happen, then also it gives me that happiness that nothing can give me ever.

Wrapping Up: Sometimes some of the songwriters after being a little successful or achieving something, forget about these reasons and start running in the rush to earn money. This race might give them money but it takes away their real talent and the joy they used to get from writing songs from them. So, if you want to maintain the emotional touch to your songs, never forget the reasons behind writing your songs.

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