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The Complete Guide That Makes Finding an Old Friend Simple

Finding an old friend is a bit challenging. Thankfully, modern technology has made the process much easier. When you want to reconnect with a friend from the past, all it takes are a few internet searches.

 So, what do you do? Where do you look? Well, we’ll answer that question in the content below. Just keep reading.

Write Down Details That You Remember

When you have a nostalgic relationship, there is something about those memories that just tug on you. But before you start your search, it’s beneficial to write down things about your friend that you remember.

What was their name? What was their birthday? You should also jot down information that you remember about the people they were associated with.

List the names of their siblings, as well as other associates that you remember. By doing so, it’ll help you to confirm that you’ve found the right person when you locate them online.

Use Name Variations

Locating people online takes a bit of wit. Even though you can remember that person’s name, you have to realize that there may have been changes over the years. Maybe they have a new last name because they’re married, or they could be going by a different name altogether.

So as you’re searching for them, use different variations. For instance, if your old friend’s name is Elizabeth, try an abbreviation like Liz. Thinking outside of the box is helpful.

Search on Facebook

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to locate an old friend is to search for them on Facebook. Just type in their name, and there’s a good possibility that you’ll find them. If not, you also want to try the name variation trick that we mentioned above.

One of the best ways to get connected is through other people. Look for classmates, old neighbors, and other people from the past that are associated with that person. Chances are they are friends with your old pal. If so, you’ll have a greater chance of finding them through association.

Lean on the Public for Help

Finding friends is super easy these days. But of course, everyone’s situation is different. Even if your old friend isn’t on social media, someone connected to them might be.

Do you have an old photo of them? If you do, that’s great. If you can, try to find something nostalgic that the other person might remember.

Then, post it on your social media accounts and simply ask your audience for help. Tell them that you want to reconnect with a friend, and make sure that you allow that post to be public.

Before you know it, there will be thousands of people reposting and sharing the information. This method greatly increases your chances of locating your old friend. It’s been done before!

Ask Around

If you’re not having any luck with finding your old friend through internet searches, switch things up. Reach out to your classmates and neighbors to gather information about your old friend. You’d be surprised how much info others will tell you if you simply ask.

You may have to reach out to individuals that you haven’t spoken to in years. But hey, this is all part of the process of finding people that you’ve lost touch with. Who knows, you may even rekindle relationships with a few friends that you didn’t expect to reconnect with.

Do a Google Search

Google is a great way to locate people quickly. If that person’s name is on multiple sites, it’ll pull those sites up. Even if your friend isn’t on Facebook, they may have a LinkedIn page. Thoroughly go through the search results to see what you find.

 As you’re searching Google for your friend, you may also want to look for details that will pinpoint them. For instance, type in something like, “Brian Long Atlanta, Georgia”. Adding in details will minimize your search results.

Use a People Search Website

Sometimes you have to go a little more in-depth to find a person. Therefore, using websites designed to locate people is your best bet. You’ll have to put in their name and a few other details to help the system come up with results.

 A people finder website will produce a variety of search results. As you’re reading, be sure to scan through all of the details and leave no stone unturned. If there are email addresses, telephone numbers, or physical addresses provided, try all of them.

Also, people’s finder websites often include the names of relatives and friends of the searched individual. Look those names up on Google and Facebook. That way, you could reach out to them and explain that you’re trying to get in touch with your old friend.

Utilize Organization Websites

If your old school has a website, or if you have access to a military database, take advantage. Those types of websites usually have detailed information about service members and students from the past. This is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with an old friend.

Locate an Old Friend

As you can see, there are several sources that you can use to find an old friend. In today’s world, things are a lot different, and you don’t have to rely on outdated resources to get in touch.

No more going through phone books or knocking on doors in your old neighborhood! We hope this information helps you out.

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