How Often Do People Move?

  • October 8, 2021
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How Often Do People Move?

Do you have any idea how many times you will have moved in the next five years? Okay, how many times have you moved in the last five years?

Moving within a country is a very complex yet fascinating experience that can have huge impact on the economies and demographics of the areas affected.  It is of great importance to know how often people relocate and what are some of the main reasons behind moving.

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According to recent report, up to 25.3% of people who were interviewed have moved at least once in the past three years.   Average time spent on current location adds up to 10 years although individuals of ages 20-35 years old are said to stay in the same location for shorter periods when compared to the duration older people take to stay in a particular area.

The report also revealed that the average time individuals who are between 25-34 years old spend in one home is four years when compared to individuals who are above 65 years old who spend approximately 20 years.

Income Factor

The survey also revealed that moving frequency was mainly influenced by age, income and whether kids are part of the household or not.  For instance, in Hemphill Place Conway SC, the average time spent on a single house is lower for individuals who are of high income households. Most of the people who are of low income are said to stay in the same place for an average of 12 years when compared to eight years individuals of high incomes spend.


Individuals who are considered young and of between 20-24 years old especially those with high incomes are known to stay in a single place for long. However, individuals between 25-35 years old are in most cases not affected by the income in terms of where they reside.

Individuals who are between 35 and 44 years old are known to stay in one place the longest. However, people who are 45-64 years old and in lower income bracket do have short median time on their present residence.


Individuals having kids are said to be on the move more often when compared to those without kids.  People without kids living in their houses are said to have lived in their current residence for close to 11-13 years on average.  Individuals with kids below four years are said to have lived in their current residence for close to five years.

Parents who have rowing kids always aspire to increase their housing space as they seek to increase the number of bedrooms to help cater for the growing family. They also move to get close to their preferable schools.

The above three factors are considered to be the main causes of why people move.  It is important to note that the percentage of people who relocate on a yearly basis has dropped to 2.5% in the past decade.  One of the main reason is the current population is aging and most old people do not move.

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