TravelThe Benefits of a Hilton Grand Vacation Club Membership

The Benefits of a Hilton Grand Vacation Club Membership

Vacation timeshare sales increased 827.7 percent in Q2 2021. With travel rebounding, now is the best time for vacation ownership. Save money and make travel part of your annual plan – it’s a tonic for the soul.

But you have alternatives to buying a timeshare. And if you want a flexible points-based option, you’ll be all set with Hilton Grand Vacation Club.

But what are the benefits of vacation club membership? What gives it the edge over timeshare? And where can you travel to?

Read on to learn all you need to know.

Travel the World With Hilton Grand Vacation Club

Hilton Grand Vacation Club (HGVC) takes you to 58 resorts in the world’s most dazzling places. And with 25 years as leaders in vacation ownership, you can be sure quality awaits you. And so do the health benefits of travel.

Travel to exotic places like Hawaii and Mexico. Tour the USA, calling in Florida, California, and New York. Or cross the Atlantic and stay in Portugal, the UK, or Italy. Hilton Grand Vacation Club will take you there.

Hilton hotels customer advisors are there for you. They can handle inquiries, changes, and bookings fast. So you always have a helping hand, no matter where you visit. 

Save Money on Long-Term Travel

Staying in fully-equipped studios and apartments helps you save. Hotel stays cost more due to service, cleaning, and catering fees which you may not even use.

With Hilton Grand Vacation Club, you have everything you need. Your resort will be near major attractions. You will find shops for your convenience. And if you want to go fully self-catered, enjoy first-rate cooking facilities.

And you can save your points for next season. Choose to travel peak or off-season. Peak costs more points, but the choice is yours. You can even exchange your vacation club points for timeshare value if you wish.

How Does HGVC Match Up to Timeshare?

Both offer affordable choices for vacationers. But Hilton Grand Vacation Club has the edge for flexibility, hands down.

Timeshare purchases suit those who want to visit the same place over the year. Vacation club members can do this too. But they can explore new places with ease, using their vacation club points.

Fallen in love with a place? You can exchange your HGVC points with Resorts Condominium International (RCI). It’s quick and easy. Here’s a free guide to HGVC points values next to RCI.

Exchanges offer you even more flexibility. You can travel when and where you want. You’re in charge of your vacations. 

Ready for Vacation Club?

We hope our guide helped you get to know the benefits of the Hilton Grand Vacation Club. It is an affordable, convenient choice for vacation ownership. And if you love to travel, it will help you explore the world.

For more travel, lifestyle, and business tips, check out the rest of our site. Happy travels!

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