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The Ultimate Guide to the Setapp

The Mac app store launched more than a decade ago with just 1,000 apps in its marketplace. 10 years later, the Mac app store had nearly 20,000 different apps you could download onto your MacBook.

It’s filled with many different types of apps, from productivity apps to games, and everything in between. But downloading apps from the Mac app store poses some issues.

First off, you have to pay for every single app individually. There are few quality apps that are free. Secondly, apps range widely in terms of quality and user experience.

But that’s exactly what Setapp has set out to fix.

Setapp offers a subscription service to some of the most useful app options for Mac users to date. Rather than having to pay for individual downloads, everything is included in one low, monthly price.

But what exactly is Setapp, and why do you need it? We answer all of that and more down below. 

What Is Setapp?

Setapp is an alternative to using the Apple Mac store. It’s not just an alternative to individual apps, but it replaces your need to ever visit the app store again.

They claim to be the one-stop-shop for every task you’ll ever need to accomplish on both Mac and iPhone devices.

First off, you’ll download Setapp. It becomes an app on your toolbar, just like the Mac App Store (which you can remove). 

When you open the app, you’re greeted with what looks like a marketplace for apps. You can search for apps by category, just like you would in any other app store.

There are currently more than 230 different apps you can choose from to solve any task you might encounter.

And the best part? With Setapp, you pay a low monthly fee of $9.99. Then, you can download and use any app within Setapp as much as you want, with no restrictions. There are no paid upgrades on any of the apps.

It’s simple. Pay one low fee, get everything included. 

Benefits of Using Setapp

The benefits of using an app like Setapp are obvious. First off, you save money. For $10 a month, you get access to a full suite of professionally engineered productivity apps. And you can use as many as you like.

This means you can save a lot of money.

Traditional apps from the Mac app store will either cost a fair bit of money upfront or will require a monthly subscription fee. Often, there is just one app you can download for $10 per month. But with Setapp, you get 230 apps for $10 a month. 

On top of the financial savings, you may also experience increased productivity. Because you can use any app within Setapp, you are free to download and experiment with anything that catches your eye.

In the normal app store, we limit our app purchases to only the tools that are absolutely necessary. We skip things that look interesting because we can’t justify spending extra for the luxury of making a particular task easier.

But with Setapp, you are encouraged to try everything. You’ll be surprised at how many tools will come in handy, helping you to save time and make complex tasks much easier.

Plus, you can sync your Setapp account from your Mac to your iPhone. That way, you don’t have different subscriptions to manage. 

Who Built the Apps?

Setapp was built by the team at MacPaw. This is the team of Mac nerds that have built popular apps like CleanMyMac. 

While some of the apps have been built internally, many others have been built by other creators. The team at Setapp hand-selects apps based on quality and reliability before including them in their suite of tools. 

All of the apps receive regular support and updates, so you can rest assured knowing you arent’ getting outdated tools or those with security concerns. 

Popular Apps Included With Setapp

Want to see what Setapp has to offer? You can do so for free since they have a one-week free trial. Here are a few of the apps you’ll likely benefit from. 


UctoX is an invoice management tool that makes it easy to customize your invoices. You can build beautiful templates so that every future invoice you send is branded and ready to go. You can also use it to keep track of your expenses and manage bank statements.

This tool is popular for self-employed individuals, side-hustlers, and small business owners. 

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a simple tool that helps declutter your computer to make it run faster. By taking care of your Mac now, you can help it function well for many more years.

It can uninstall and update apps, find and destroy malware, optimize your storage, remove unnecessary files, and in general, speed up your computer. 


Another tool handbuilt by the MacPaw team, Gemini makes it simple to find and delete duplicate files. This is especially important with photography.

Images tend to take up lots of space on your computer. And having duplicate files is an easy way to waste valuable storage space. With a few clicks, Geminin can find and remove all duplicates, freeing up that valuable space once more. 


Virtual private networks are important in an age of scams and information theft. When you use public internet networks, it’s possible for hackers to spy on your browsing activity or intercept messages.

But with a VPN, you can obscure your information to others, keeping it hidden and safe, even if you’re on a public network. For those who frequently use their devices in coffee shops, airports, and other public locations, the use of a VPN is highly recommended. 

One App to Rule Them All

As mentioned earlier, Setapp is an amazing suite of more than 230 tools to boost your productivity and make your computer easier to use. For the low monthly price of $10, it replaces your need to ever go on the Apple app store again.

And with new apps being added all the time, this is a subscription that will pay for itself time and time again.

Looking for more tech tips like this? Head over to our blog now to keep reading. 

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