Common Workplace Issues and How to Solve Them

  • May 18, 2022
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Common Workplace Issues and How to Solve Them

Too much work makes Jack a dull boy. Unfortunately, we spend two-thirds of our lives working. To make this time joyful, we all should focus on solving the problems that can make it dreadful. No workplace is perfect, and it’s important to learn this truth as early as you can. Why so? To solve the problems that deter you from enjoying your work life. What are the problems, and how to solve them? Check the tips from our experts in the article below. 

Broken Career Ladder

Yeap, we believe that money doesn’t mean everything to you. But what about success? For some, success comes in the form of money. For others, it’s all about doing the work that makes the world a better place. While contacting online resume writing services, make your resume objective more career-driven. Write down that the company you’re applying for must have effective promotional politics. 

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What to do if you ended up in a company with a broken career ladder?

  • Ask your boss for a pay raise. If money means success to you, ask for better pay!
  • Apply for a different in-company job position. Even if the job is on the same step as your current position in the company’s hierarchy; 
  • Make the challenge your best friend. Ask your supervisor for more complex and more significant company projects. You want to feel your job is meaningful, right?

Job Overload

We all experience those pre-holiday periods when our work-and-life balance is out of whack. Once the overload is over, we restore our mental health and move on. But if you get stuck with long hours for weeks, you might feel that tiny itch to leave your job. How to decrease your job overload and feel happy again? 

  • Delegate tasks. Don’t be afraid to lose a tiny bit of control. In fact, your coworkers will perform the task perfectly if the instructions are clear;
  • Take some rest. Divide your work schedule into work-and-play periods. The Pomodoro technique will be helpful here; 
  • Reduce the number or complexity of projects. If you have a right to choose projects to work on, do it! Sometimes, we take too much responsibility and exhaust ourselves. Better focus on fewer projects but ones that would be meaningful to you. 

Lack of Motivation

We all lose it from time to time. But if work has been the last thing on your mind for months, reevaluate your feelings. Ask yourself a series of questions that might help you to define the problem. Why did your work suddenly start being so dreadful to you? Were there any life-changing events that exhausted you to the point of hating your job? 

Possible reasons for low motivation might be as follows:

  • Oftentimes, the lack of motivation stems from burnout. If your work includes challenging projects, no wonder your body needs to rest. Take a quick vacation, go on a trip to nature, or have a stay-at-home weekend. The clue is giving your mind and body the rest they deserve. 
  • Tasks that no longer challenge might be another reason for low motivation. A human brain is a machine that loves upgrading tasks. Because once you’re stuck with simple challenges, you get bored and lose the love for your job. The solution is simple – ask your boss for complex projects. 

Lack of Flexibility 

Most traditional jobs have a 9-to-5 schedule. Other jobs have 12-hour shifts and generally less rigid organization. Everything depends on the type of company services and the specifics of one’s work. While some companies will give you flexibility perks, others won’t. For instance, a company might suggest more flexibility if they find you’ve become a parent recently. However, this question is the least flexible (pun intended) on the list. All because companies rarely change the time requirements written in the job contract. 

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How to mold the question to your benefit? 

  • Talk to your supervisor. Explain to them the reasons for a changing schedule; 
  • Talk to HR management. Obviously, the last resort if your supervisor is uncooperative or lacks the necessary data; 
  • Go part-time. A part-time schedule suggests more flexibility but lower pay. However, this is a great option if you’ve already got freelance work along with your traditional job. 

Bullying and Toxicity

One of the top workplace issues in the age of social media. Sure, gossiping and cliques have existed for years. Only in the twenty-first century have employees been more encouraged to report these issues to higher management. Meanwhile, bullying certainly distracts you from performing your job responsibilities. It worsens the company’s climate and destroys relationships between coworkers. 

If you’ve witnessed bullying or became a victim yourself, don’t be ashamed to report it to HR. Always remember that you’re not alone in the fight against bullies. A workplace should not be a place of humiliation and inhumanity. If you’re ashamed to report the crime strictly to HR management, talk to your supervisor. 

Hideous Company Policies

Let’s be honest. Some policies make no sense. For instance, we all know the unspoken ‘the client is always right’ rule. But what if the client is a bully who humiliates you in front of others? Are they right? No. If your company is efficient, they will defend you. If not – you should report the whole situation to the HR department. 

Unfortunately, the policies won’t go if the workers don’t talk straight to the company’s management. In this situation, everything depends on your ability to inspire others to change their surroundings. 

Final Thoughts

No workplace is perfect and if you want to change it use just the best resume writing service. Some problems have fast and easy solutions, while others don’t. Most of the problems will require you to contact a third party like the HR department. Others might have no solution at all. The trick is to understand the things you can change and the things you don’t. 

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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