5 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

  • May 13, 2022
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5 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is risky and hard. But the challenge amplifies if you’re a woman. While it’s unfair that certain restrictions exist only because of gender, it’s best to find ways around this. Women entrepreneurs face social and societal limitations in terms of mobility and finance. But today, mindsets are changing. And while the world for women is far from perfect, it has made some progress. So, if you’re a woman looking to start a business, don’t let patriarchy slow you down. But if you still need a little push, here are a few options that’ll help you get started.   

Start a Professional Book Club

Yes, book clubs might sound like forgotten relics in an increasingly digital world, but paper is trendy again. Many people are slowly coming back to books. This is likely a result of overconsumption of screens and technology.  But this consumption is also fun and easy with Cox cable deals. And with social media and current affairs constantly gnawing, people just want to go back to the basics. In fact, several ‘influencers’ share their readings routines on social media like YouTube and Tik Tok. 

This has actually increased the number of readers today. So, if you’re a fan of books, why not make some profit off of it. Build a book club and charge membership fees. You could earn even more profit by inviting over local authors and speakers. This way, your book club can hold frequent debates and conversations while attracting more potential members.  Plus, you can even allow a ‘no men’ option. This will reduce those unnecessary opinions and consistent mansplaining.

Open a Driving School

Every woman at some point in her life has heard that women make bad drivers. You will find men saying at workplaces, family gatherings, and even on busy roads. But you can finally mute this misogynistic debate. Open a driving school. And make sure it’s run by women drivers. This will ensure that women who are learning how to drive will be more comfortable and secure. As a result, there are higher chances they will learn quickly and with much more ease. Moreover, this will also provide greater mobility and independence for women. They won’t need to depend on public transport or men for mobility.

Teach Technical Skills

In today’s technical world, a strong grasp of technology is important. Most careers today require some form of technical expertise. In fact, there are very few jobs left where you can get by without operating a computer now and then. Moreover, a technical skillset gives you a competitive edge and makes you a better fit for the modern world. However, not all people have the skills necessary for this. This is why teaching this particular subject matter will be very profitable. Not only this, but it will also yield positive results for the students taking the course. The most important technical skills that are required today are:

  • Data Analysis  
  • Project Management   
  • Social Media Management  
  • Programming  
  • Information Security  
  • Digital Marketing   
  • Coding

Create a Clothing Line

Let’s face it. Most women are fashion enthusiasts. And even if they aren’t, they wouldn’t mind dressing nicely now and then. If you have a good fashion sense and you enjoy keeping up with related trends, this line of business is for you. Who’s a better designer for women than women? Many of them complain about factors like sizing, fitting, lack of pockets, and strange designs. This is because a lot of men make women’s clothing lines. And while women designers are abundant, it’s always a good idea for women to be represented by their own gender. You can pay attention to fashion trends and take note of the common clothing complaints made by women. Here’s a list of women designers who changed fashion:

  • Vera Wang  
  • Coco Chanel  
  • Miuccia Prada  
  • Stella McCartney  
  • Donatella Versace  
  • Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen of The Row

Open a Law Firm

If you’re a practicing law student, you can open up your own law firm. Law is a male-dominated space, like most fields. Surprise. And while more women are continuing to enter law, men are still the majority. In fact, not only are men more in number but they also get paid more. This means that most women are represented by male lawyers. Thus, the justice system needs more women lawyers. This will not only give you a chance to practice law but also change the world dynamics a bit.

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