10 Classic Sneakers That Are Still Fashionable in 2022

  • May 17, 2022
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10 Classic Sneakers That Are Still Fashionable in 2022

Did you know that the classic Converse Chuck Taylor shoes were invented more than 100 years ago? Classic sneakers are timeless staples of any good wardrobe, and there are plenty of options out there to suit the look that you wish to cultivate. Everything from Adidas Stan Smith sneakers to Nike Air Force Ones is a great option for those looking to buy classic sneakers.

The best classic men’s sneakers and classic sneakers for women are those that are timeless and continue to look great no matter how many decades pass. The good news is that you’ve found the right spot to learn about the classic sneakers that you should add to your shoe collection.

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1. Adidas Superstar

The Adidas Superstar sneakers are some of the most iconic that Adidas has produced in its many decades as a shoe company. If you’re looking for a sleek and simple shoe that will go with any outfit then you definitely need to make these classic sneakers your own.

If you want to put together a really smooth and classy outfit then you should look at getting the all-white Superstars. They’ll make anything look crisp. You can even wear them for formal occasions if you pair them with some nice slacks and a button-up shirt. It’s not the only great Adidas classic so make sure you check it out.

2. Nike Air Max 97

The Nike Air Max 97 followed quite successful classic sneakers in the Air Max 95 and Air Max 96, though the design is quite different from any other classic sneaker. These Nike favorites drew inspiration from the wonderful Japanese bullet trains which you can see from the ripple design.

They’re also some of the most comfortable shoes in the history of athletic footwear. If you want to look good but feel even better then you definitely need to buy classic sneakers like the Air Max 97.

3. Vans Slip-Ons

Vans is another iconic shoe brand that has stood the test of time with multiple shoe designs, though perhaps the best shoe they’ve produced is the Vans Slip-On. These shoes are huge amongst the skateboarding community because they’re comfortable and easygoing. 

If you’re trying to find a minimalist set of shoes then you can do much worse than these slip-on sneakers. They’re easy to take off and put on, making them perfect for someone that wants to take things easy.

4. Vans Old Skool

Another great option from Vans when it comes to classic sneakers is the Vans Old Skool sneakers. Any decent wardrobe should include some classic dark or black sneakers that will pair with almost any outfit. They’re also quite successful as skater shoes, but they have a shoelace system that sets them apart from the slip-on Vans.

They’re also famous for the waffle-style outsole that Vans and skating shoes became known for. They’re great if you want to dress your outfit up or down.

5. Onitsuka Tiger Corsair

You can never go wrong with a pair of classic sneakers, and the Onitsuka Tiger Corsair sneakers are amongst the best classic trainers. These sneakers are great with most types of outfits and they do especially well when paired with some nice denim jeans.

6. New Balance 574

If you’re looking for sneakers that provide a nice, athletic profile while still adding a ton of comfort then you need to try on some New Balance 574s. These shoes feature an upper that is a mix of suede and mesh for durability and a luxurious look. These shoes are some of the best for anyone that wants to stay nimble while taking a toll off their feet.

7. Adidas Stan Smith

Many people might think of the Adidas Samba or the Adidas Superstar when it comes to classic sneakers from Adidas, but the Stan Smith sneakers were the first big ones on the market. These shoes are the ultimate when it comes to minimalist leather sneakers with low tops.

You can’t go wrong with the low-top all-white Stan Smith sneakers. They’re great for formal outfits and streetwear of all colors. You can even wear them with some nice chino shorts.

8. Nike Air Force One

The Nike Air Force One was Nike’s first attempt at creating a basketball shoe. It was quite successful on the court but it became an icon away from the court. It has become a massive part of the streetwear movement because of how versatile it is. There are tons of fun and creative colorways to choose from with this Nike sneaker.

You also get the choice of low-tops or high-tops when you go with Air Force Ones. They’re some of the most popular classic sneakers for a reason.

9. Keds Double Decker in Leather

Casual sneakers are an important staple of any solid wardrobe, and some of the best in the history of footwear are the Keds Double Decker shoes in leather. They’re similar to Vans Slip-Ons in style as well as function. They’re the perfect compliment to the person that lives an easygoing lifestyle and wants comfort above all.

10. Converse Chuck Taylors

You can’t make a list of the best classic sneakers for women and men without mentioning the Converse Chuck Taylors. These shoes have inspired songs from huge rappers like Wiz Khalifa and they go with plenty of different styles. There are also a ton of colors out there that you can choose from depending on your preferences, so look for them at the online sneakers shop of your choice.

Any sneakerhead or collector of classic sneakers needs a pair of “Chucks” in their closet. They pair with any outfit that you can imagine.

Start Your Collection of Classic Sneakers

Classic sneakers are great because they continue to stand the test of time thanks to their styling and the comfort that they provide to the wearers. These classic sneakers for women and men match with almost any outfit you can imagine while giving you that understated cool that people can see from a mile away. You can’t go wrong with choosing to buy classic sneakers for your wardrobe.

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