The Ultimate Guide To How To Choose A Wig

  • May 30, 2022
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The Ultimate Guide To How To Choose A Wig

Wearing the right and comfortable wig gives you the opportunity to exhibit your personality with confidence. Choosing the right wig for yourself is the most crucial decision if you really want to slay your personality. An uncomfortable wig with improper size and simply an unnatural wig can entirely ruin your appearance. If you are unsure of how to choose the perfect wig, keep scrolling to acquire all the answers.

Size of the wig

It is obvious that you will be hunting for the ideal wig size. The larger size may give you an undesirable appearance, while the smaller size may cause you to feel uncomfortable the whole time. You need to know the circumference of your head so that you may get the appropriate size.

The circumference of your head is the most common and well-known way of determining the size of your head. You are going to need a measuring tape for this. It would be best if you began the measurement from the front of your hairline, then extend the measuring tape to the back of one ear, then take it to the nape of your neck, then take it to the back of another ear, and lastly connect it to the spot from which you started. It is likely that you will receive a size in the range of 21 and 23 inches. If you scored a 21, it implies that you require a small wig size; if you got a 22, it indicates that your wig size will be average, and if you had a 23, it means that you should select the larger size. Even though these measurements are standard, there is some variation depending on the manufacturer.

Classification on the bases of material:

Unice hair Wigs can be crafted from either artificial materials or natural hair taken from a human’s head. Wigs that are constructed from genuine hair are not only more durable but also adaptable to a wider variety of styling options. Additionally, they can be colored using a variety of dyes. They lend the wearer an appearance that is more natural. If the wearer of the wig is careful with its maintenance, it can survive for more than a year.

On the other hand, wigs that are made from synthetic materials do not have a very long lifespan; often, they can only be worn for a few months at a time. In addition, you cannot alter the color, but you can select synthetic wigs that have been dyed. Because the fiber is better at holding the color, you will notice that the hues are more brilliant. The most significant benefit is that these wigs are cost-effective, while hair wigs can cost a significant amount of money. 

Classification on the bases of making:

Based on the making of wigs, there are mainly four major types of wigs. 

Monofilament wigs: 

This wig features hair or fibers that have been separately tied into a cap made of thin mesh. This provides the most natural-looking appearance of the scalp area and a very comfortable base. The partings and crowns are typically hand-tied, which contributes to its high natural appearance. Because of bringing hand-tied, one can make changes to the partings in this type of wig.

Double filament wigs: 

Some people find that wearing wefted wigs is painful for them due to their sensitive scalp skin. This is a good option out of all of them. In addition to that, the base is quite pleasant, and if it is worn correctly, it provides the impression that the wearer has naturally immaculate hair.

Wefted wigs:

These are produced by a machine. The foundation of these wigs is made of fabric, which may give some wearers the feeling that the wig is too thick. Wefted wigs are made of thick and dense synthetic hair, making them an excellent option for people who have hair that is naturally dense and coarse. It creates the appearance of full volume and a fuller hairstyle. The only drawback is that most wefted wigs come with a predetermined hairstyle. Even sometimes wearer does not have the option to change the parting.

Hand-tied wigs:

It is the one that is the most pleasant, and it makes it appear as though the hair is sprouting directly from the scalp. The foundation of this wig is made of flexible net material, and the hair on top is hand-tied individually to each strand of the net. The end product is a wig with an extremely comfortable base and a very exquisite and gorgeous natural hair appearance.

Face shape:

In addition to the size of your head and how comfortable the material is, you need to think about the contours of your face,

If you have a round face, you should look into wigs that will make your face appear longer by elongating the length of your face and giving the impression that your crown is fuller. Wigs with long hair are the most suitable option for persons with a broad and round face.

Wigs with layers or waves in the hair are great options for people who have a square facial shape. Fringes are another option that will work well with this face shape because they will soften the strong angles of the face.

Any wig style will look good on people who have an oval face. The individual is free to select whatever hairstyle that she likes, but some good options are long bobs and single-sided fringes. They must try short hairstyles.

Wigs with longer hair are recommended for those with heart-shaped faces. Additionally, bobs work well, but you should avoid hair wigs that have a voluminous appearance at the crown.


If you are looking to acquire a wig for yourself, it is essential to determine the size of your head and then select a comfortable material for you to wear. Finally, the form of your face is perhaps the most crucial aspect to consider. As soon as you are content with the decision that you have made, you will appear simply stunning in the new style.

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