A Guide to Buying Electric Bikes

  • September 4, 2021
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A Guide to Buying Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have taken over the cyclic world. With fast-developing technology, electric vehicles are a common sight on the roads. Out of all, an E-bike is becoming the most popular among people of all age groups. So, are you also one of them who is ready to buy an E-bike for yourself? What is your preference for the battery and motor? 

It is difficult to find the answer to these confusing questions even if you look at the specifications. So, many people try different methods to get the idea ofthe performance of Electric bikes. For example, you can check here the charge city ebike review. A genuine review of the products shows the customers’ experience and considerably impacts your decision.

Apart from this, various factors need your attention before you make a purchase. Here in this piece of writing, we have covered all those important points.


Electric bikes weigh more than ordinary bikes since these bikes come with the extra weight of battery and motor. The average weight of an E-bike is around 10 to 11 kg, and if it is a large size e-bike, it goes up to 25Kg. Therefore, it is quite challenging if you have to lift your bike on poor surfaces. However, the heaviness and sturdiness of the bike help to navigate the poor surfaces easily while maintaining balance.

Moreover, the foldable e-bikes offer portability and come with a weight of around 16 to 17 kg. However, on the other hand, the foldable e-bikes have smaller wheels, which are not suitable for long trips. Therefore, you should pay attention to your requirements then choose the best-suited ebike for your comfort.

Quality and reliability

Every customer, when pays for a product, he expects high quality and more reliability from the brand. The reputed brands offer full reliability and superior quality since they follow the design rules and regulations dedicatedly. However, if you go the unbranded bikes, then you may have to compromise with the quality. In addition, low-quality Electric bikes can give you problems if used in the rain as the electronic components can become faulty. And can put you in danger also. Therefore, you should choose the reputed brands instead of putting yourself in threat even after paying a certain amount.

Value and cost

You know that e-bikes are equipped with motors and batteries, so they are expensive for the obvious reason. The cost of the e-bikes depend on the following factors.

  • Mechanical components
  • Battery capacity
  • Motor specifications
  • Type of e-bike
  • Brand name
  • Material used

The more qualities an e-bike offers you, the more you have to pay. Moreover, if you regularly use public transport or fuel charges of your car and parking charges, an e-bike is the feasible choice as it keeps you physically active while enjoying the fresh air.


With the rapid evolution of battery technology, the battery’s size has become compact compared to the early days. The downsizing of the battery allows it to fit in the frame. The battery size completely depends on its use; for mountain bikers, a small-sized battery is preferred for performance and a professional look.

On the other side, a comparatively large-sized battery that stays outside the frame is given for urban users. The battery capacity depends on the duration of its use. If you often go for long journeys, then you should choose the higher capacity battery.

Wrapping it up

You will find various types of Electric bikes for different usage. So, you need to find the right one depending on the frequency of use, geographical region, and budget. Moreover, before buying one, you can go for the test drive, making the buying decision easy.

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