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Top 10 E-bike Accessories for Hunters to Consider

Here’s a top-dollar question: how much do you need to take with you on an average hunting trip? Of course, it’s a trick question in so much as there isn’t one definite answer.

Different hunters have different needs! And the particularities of each trip and your surroundings will for sure influence your packing decisions.

But let me put the same question in a different format: is it better to carry more or less than, say, 30 pounds with you when you’re out hunting? Now, we can discern a clearer dividing line – that is, the line between the pros and the average Joe’s. 

Among the former, it is incredibly uncommon to pack light, and as a result all of our gear, not to mention our bodies, is taxed to the limit. This applies to our eBikes, too. Sure, having an eBike at all is like a godsend when you have to carry so many things with you. But just plopping on a pair of wheels and a handlebar to an electric motor does not make a competent hunting bike alone.

So to set things straight, let’s take a good look at all the top best e-bike accessories for all you hunters to consider. Which are worth it, and which should you rather give a pass? Let’s find out!

Holsters, Holders, and Firearm Storage

This should be a no-brainer, but dedicated storage solutions for your bow, hunting rifle, or other firearms not only exist, but I personally consider them essential to a proper hunting outfit.

When riding an eBike, you want to minimize clutter, optimize your weight distribution and not have anything intruding on your field of vision. 

A holster or bow holder solves all of these problems while also being many times safer than anything else. Many of these contraptions have a universal mount that can be configured to be compatible with both firearms and hunting bows, so no matter what you’re using, there’s an option for you.


No, I am not going to be an utter safety nanny in this guide, but let’s make one thing clear: us hunters much more so than the average biker will need to head out and onto unpaved paths in low-visibility conditions. This can make an already dangerous profession even riskier, and we don’t want that of course.

Therefore, be sure to outfit your hunting eBike with proper high-grade headlights that illuminate enough of the road (and dirt, and trees and bushes) ahead of you.

Emergency Toolkit

This is not so much an add-on that many neglects to invest in as much as it is a standard accessory that many mistakenly leave at home when they go out on a hunt.

Nearly every high-quality eBike these days, and particularly those marketed towards the hunting crowd, comes with a compact toolkit that’s pre-assembled to include everything you’d ever need for servicing your bike in an emergency. 

Sure, you can save a bit of weight by forgoing this accessory, but do you really want to be that guy stuck in the middle of nowhere with pounds upon pounds of heavy gear to shlep back home on foot, all because he didn’t bring a spanner or a multitool? Thought so.


At some point, your equipment will be pulling in such big numbers on the scale that hauling it all on your back will simply not be feasible – not to mention dangerous to your health. Carts are one possible solution to this problem and are particularly useful in less challenging terrain.

Many eBikes often have a matching cart offered by the manufacturer as an optional accessory – so chances are that aftermarket options for your make and model will be plentiful.

Carts have by far the highest carrying capacity of all the various accessories you can put on your eBike. Some are even roomy enough to transport an additional passenger or two!


Trailers are not absolutely essential for every hunter out there, but they’re a wise investment to make for those that specialize in the big game. They look and work similarly to carts, but they include a sturdy frame of metal beams that you can use to transport your game while keeping it securely in place. 

Different trailers exist for different needs – specialized deer trailers, for example, or more universal trailers that behave very similarly to carts save for the more compartmentalized, secure construction.


A step down from carts (or up, depending on your needs), baskets mount to the back of your bike in a similar way but do not roll on their own wheels and suspension. Some baskets also fit the front just below the handlebar, allowing you to use a few at once. They provide ample amounts of storage, but not nearly as much as a cart would.

On the other hand, they mostly preserve your bike’s maneuverability and ground clearance, and if you often ride in tricky terrain or on harsh surfaces, they might be the much wiser choice for that reason.


Racks are the most focused storage option for eBikes, being just about enough to carry a few integral pieces of equipment. They can also be used to mount other accessories on top – in fact, you can stack a series of racks together to create a storage solution that is both incredibly useful and space-efficient.

Uprated Suspension Components

This is not such a default choice to consider in the eyes of most hunters, but upgrading your suspension might be just what you need in order to get the most out of your hunting eBike.

A higher-rated suspension could allow you to venture out into territory that you would consider prohibitively unsafe otherwise, while also improving comfort. Different suspension setups exist and most hunting eBikes are fairly modular in this regard so you have a lot of options.

Perhaps most importantly for some, a stronger suspension can also add more heft to your bike’s frame by allowing it to carry more weight – if most of your gear is fixed to racks or baskets mounted onto the bike directly, this can be crucial.

Solar Charger

Most of the items in this guide focus on extending and modifying your hunting eBike’s loading capacity. After all, limited cargo space compared to cars, trucks, and ATVs is one of the primary downsides of using an eBike for hunting, all else being equal.

However, there’s another flaw we can iron out with aftermarket parts, and it’s the bike’s range. In stock form, many eBikes can’t go that far on a single charge. Sure, you can always pack extra batteries (and you should!), but that’s not really the most convenient or cost-efficient. Thankfully, solar chargers offer a more elegant solution to this problem.

As long as you do more of your hunting in sunlight than after sundown or in the early mornings, then a solar charger will allow you to reliably increase your eBike’s range many times over. (

Typically, a solar charger consists of a grid of photovoltaic panels that can be folded into a neat storage bag or case that takes up very little in terms of space and weight. 

Hunting Kits

Lastly, there’s a dead-simple all-in-one solution out there for those who would rather have it straightforward. Dedicated hunting kits for eBikes are not too common, but they do exist and many major brands in the field carry them these days. 

They combine many if not all items you will recognize from this list into one concise package. For pure convenience, there’s nothing better – in fact, oftentimes they’ll throw in goodies like a spare battery or charger for you, too! 

Of course, buying separately almost always gets you some savings, so what you would rather prioritize is up to you.

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