CasinoWhat To Do If You Are In A Bad Mood

What To Do If You Are In A Bad Mood

Sometimes you feel that the day hasn’t gone well. Everything is falling apart, people seem angry and unfriendly, and the weather is gloomy. What to do: hold on until the evening and go to bed faster. Not necessary. Keep ten ways to help boost your mood right now.

Hug Magic

When we are stressed or feel in danger, our body releases the hormone cortisol. Excess cortisol leads to exhaustion, fatigue, and inability to control emotions. Some try to find a way to console themselves with high-carbohydrate foods. But cortisol levels decrease with physical contact.

Touch releases oxytocin, the happiness hormone. We become happier, and our immunity is strengthened.

Try To Do Something From The List Regularly:

●       hug a friend;

●       go for a massage;

●       rock the child (but first ask permission from his parents);

●       hold hands with your loved one;

●       pet a dog or cat;

●       have sex;

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●       go dancing.


It turns out that in order to become happy, it is not necessary to be happy initially. Try to smile, laugh, relax your shoulders and smooth out a frown on your forehead. At this point, two curious things will happen:

●       The brain responds by releasing endorphins, the hormones of love, and oxytocin, the hormone of care.

●       At the same time, you will feel more positive and relaxed, you will seem more attractive to yourself.

Others will also respond to you more positively.

Thus, you accustom the brain to the feeling of happiness, even if you were initially far from it.

Hygge Advice

If a bad mood keeps coming, create your own “relaxation kit”: warm socks, candles, soothing herbal tea, and quality chocolate. And take it out not only on special occasions but every day to take care of yourself.

Forest Bath

Japanese scientists have been studying the effects of a practice called shinrin-yoku – “forest baths”. Half of the study participants were sent to the forest and the other half to the city. Those who returned from the forest showed “lower concentrations of cortisol, a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure.”

A walk in the forest is not only physical activity but also a cure for stress and boosting immunity.

If you feel sad, find out if there is a park or forest in your area and go there (if it’s light outside). Walk slowly, in silence, and carefully observe everything that happens around you, plants and animals. And turn off your phone – it is not necessary to broadcast live from a walk on social networks. Be “here and now”.

Complete The Diary Pages

You can express your feelings in writing. Grab a pen and notepad and just write about what makes you so sad. Don’t be afraid and don’t think – just tell the story. If you do not want to write about your mood, take one of the topics of our daily diaries. Here are some questions that can be answered. Perhaps they will cheer you up.

●       Who would you trade places with for a day?

●       Where do you feel at home?

●       Who is your soul mate?

●       Who could play you in a movie? What would this movie be about?

●       Which of your photos do you like the most?

●       What are you reading now?

●       Tent or hotel?

●       What delicious dish have you discovered recently?

●       Who is your favorite literary character?

●       What is there to say thank you for this day?

Mood color

Color is one of the fastest ways to cheer up. Scientists from the Free University of Amsterdam studied how colors affect mood. It turned out that the most “happy” for an adult is green and yellow. Orange is also associated with optimism.

If you’re tired of everything, resist the temptation to “hide” behind black clothes. Put on a bright, colorful piece and brighten up your day! You will surely feel better immediately, and others will notice you and smile too.

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