Harlem Nights Dresses: Class, Looks, Creative, Ideas

  • October 8, 2022
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Harlem Nights Dresses: Class, Looks, Creative, Ideas

Harlem Nights Dresses: Intro

The Harlem renaissance happened around the 1920s. We need to focus upon fashion back then. As we know, the 1920s is all about jazz, we can still see bits of jazz in the clothing as well. Mostly men wore not so fitted clothes and those of striped ones. How can we forget the hats? They were the most beautiful pieces of the entire outfit. Women wore much bolder outfits than they usually did during the period. The outfits were centered around deeper necklines and shorter skirt lengths. And this was the era that Coco Chanel bloomed in the fashion industry. She got rid of everything that felt unnecessary at that moment and replaced it with more visually pleasing embroidery. Designers still to this day take inspiration from the Harlem renaissance fashion.

Let us look at some of the harlem night dresses that one wears these days as in casual or cosplay.

Harlem Nights Dresses

Cream Ruffles For The Night: Harlem Nights Dresses

Cream ruffles can be your perfect choice for a harlem night dress. The ocean wave detailing on the dress would create an illusion of a much nicer silhouette of yours. The star of the dress has to be the fur neckline all the way covering the shoulders too. It gives more of an old Hollywood vibe. The ruffles go at the end of the maxi harlem night dress in three to four layers. Add a thick pearl bracelet. To match the bracelet, wear a headband on your forehead with a feather at the side along with some pearl detailing so that it looks like a brooch. Instead of opting for a necklace, go for some hanging pearl earrings. It definitely is a harlem night dress look and you would absolutely look stunning when you wear this combination!

Let’s Go Black!:

We have seen white or a similar shade of cream. Now let us put together a black harlem night dress. Wear a midi length black bodycon dress. Add a black fur neckline like before. Now that we are partially done, add a pair of black leather or usual high gloves. This absolutely makes you look so feminine and fancy. Gloves always add that fancy touch to the outfit. Wear a pair of black polished closed toe high heels. Let us move on to the accessories. Sometimes it gets hard to find a necklace and a pair of stud earrings which have black and white stones in it. But if you find them, you are a lucky star. Now wear the black and white stoned necklace. Also wear that pair of stud earrings. The reason why we got a pair of stud earrings instead of hanging earrings is because it might look a bit heavy for an outfit. A pair of stud earrings is a perfect choice and that too of black and white stones! Do not forget to add a feather hat on your head. It is not good to leave your hair as it is when you can do a lot with it. Apply some wine red lipstick and you are good to go!

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