BusinessAmazon Reports: The Most Trustworthy Source

Amazon Reports: The Most Trustworthy Source

When it comes to operating a company, you must make choices based on the data at your disposal to guarantee that your enterprise continues to grow on the proper path. Many people make business choices based only on gut feeling, but the next steps to enhance your firm are evident if you have trustworthy facts. The Amazon Shopping Reports are here to help you.

Although it may seem counterintuitive at first, a corporate Amazon seller account provides you with several tools to help you manage and build your Amazon business.

Each business report offers crucial data that may help you make decisions regarding your ad campaigns, listing content, pricing, and more.

I’ll address the following questions concerning business reports in this article:

  • What is the purpose of amazon reports?
  • How can reports assist you in tracking your business’s performance?
  • What other forms of Amazon seller reports should you be aware of?

What is the purpose of Amazon Business Reports?

Amazon seller reports give vital insights and data to help you monitor your business’s success. Statistics such as the number of units ordered, the number of visits to your listings, conversion rates, sale totals, and the Buy Box percent may all be included in these reports for you to peruse through.

Reports on returns, advertising, FBA fulfillment, and stranded inventory are all part of Seller Central’s supplementary data.

These reports help you to monitor the success of all facets of your organization and make educated choices about how to proceed. Rather than making judgments purely on a hunch, use Amazon’s essential data to help your company flourish.

How can reports assist you in tracking your business’s performance?

There are several chances to be discovered inside your Amazon Seller Central business reports. Regularly read them to determine your progress and to avoid missing out on possible sales and earnings. With the information offered in Amazon’s accessible reports, you may improve your conversion rates and sales volume and reduce your advertising expenditure.

How will you know what works for your products without data to look to? Each report is available as a CSV file that can be used in a spreadsheet tool such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

You’d want to know if your listing had a great conversion rate but had relatively few visits. Small information like these can assist you in brainstorming strategies to increase traffic to your listing.

This report contains the following categories of information:

  • Sessions:

Within a 24-hour period, the total number of unique visits to your product page. This is advantageous since you can know precisely how many buyers saw your ads throughout the specified time period. If you have a low number of views, you might consider measures to improve traffic to your product page.

  • Views per Page:

The total number of times your listings have been seen within the time period specified. This figure includes clients who saw your ad many times and maybe more than your sessions.

  • Page Views Proportion:

The percentage of page views received by a specific ASIN vs your other items.

  • Purchase Percentage:

The proportion of page views during which you were the owner of the Buy Box. This number is especially beneficial if you’re an arbitrage or wholesale reseller since it allows you to compare how often you get the Buy Box versus rivals selling on the duplicate listing. This is especially advantageous if you are a private label vendor with less than 100% of the Buy Box.

  • Ordered Units:

This column represents the total number of units ordered within the chosen time period. This is beneficial to monitor monthly to see whether there are any dips or increases in product sales.

  • Percentage of Unit Sessions:

Additionally referred to as your conversion rate. This is the report’s most useful measure. Your conversion rate is the ratio of units bought to persons who saw your listing.

  • Sales of Pre-Ordered Products:

The total income generated by each of your items during a specific period. Another beneficial indicator to watch is to guarantee that your product sales continue to improve each month.

  • Order Total Item Count:

This displays the total number of orders made for a specific item. This number must be equal to or less than the total number of units requested since a client may put numerous goods on a single order.

Additional Amazon Seller Central Report Types

Amazon provides a plethora of valuable reports. Allow me to highlight a few other stories that you should be aware of like an Amazon seller.

  • Reports on Advertising

The advertising reports enable you to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising on Amazon. For example, determine which search phrases are the most profitable and which do not provide a return on your investment.

You can correctly optimize your advertising efforts and gradually increase their profitability by performing these analyses.

These reports may be accessed by heading to “Reports” > Advertising Reports.

  • Reports on Returns

Return reports enable you to track the number of returns received over a specified time period. This will indicate how often your organization receives product returns and the reasons for the returns. As a result, you can ascertain why your products are being returned and take steps to minimize the number of returns.

Return reports may be accessed by selecting “Reports” > “Return Reports.”

  • Reports on Fulfillment

Fulfillment reports enable you to understand your FBA inventory as a whole better. Reports on Long-Term Storage Fees and Subscription & Save Performance, as well as Promotional Performance as well as Inventory Age & Health, may all be found in this area.

Browse this part of Seller Central to learn about the options accessible to you. 

To obtain this information, go to “Reports” > “Fulfillment.”

Learning how to utilize Amazon seller reports is an investment in your company that is well worth making. This information is already accessible to you and may help keep you informed. You may be proactive about your items’ health and analytics.

Know your figures, be innovative, keep ahead of the competition, and look forward to some growth and profit prospects!

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