Pack Like A Pro: Tips On How to Organize Your Things Before A Move

  • June 23, 2022
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Pack Like A Pro: Tips On How to Organize Your Things Before A Move

The excitement of looking for a new house might dissipate once you know you are under the gun to list, stage, and relocate to another home. And, of course, this means going through your things and packing them up.

From the flatware to the furniture, everything should be good to go. However, don’t stress out. Experts have suggested the following tips to help you organize and pack your belongings like a pro:

  1. Hire Professionals

If you don’t have willing friends and family, it makes more sense to enlist the help of experts at AAA Moving & Storage Co. The amount of work experts will take off your shoulders during this time can be worth the added cost.

Working with professionals might be a good experience, especially if you deal with the right team or company. Don’t hesitate to ask questions before you ask about any contract. Plus, you may do the due diligence so that your mind can be at peace.

  1. Choose the Correct Size Boxes

The kind of boxes you use to pack is imperative. This can make things much easier as you begin packing since you might be able to assign some items to a specific box based on size. Just ensure you all the boxes are sturdy and strong enough to hold what you want to pack inside them.

A good example of this can be to pack books as well as other heavy items in lighter items, like pillows and linen, in larger boxes. This ascertains that none of the boxes are too heavy. Plus, there might be a lesser chance that the boxes will damage and break your things during the off-loading and loading process.

  1. Purge and Sort Belongings

Pack like professional movers by reducing the amount of things you are looking to move. Go around the house to know what to carry and what not to.

Start the purging process of the things you don’t require anymore by giving them away to local charities, selling them online, or hosting yard sales.

Spend this time as well sorting things that might be packed without interfering with the normal day-to-day routines. Begin with décor, keepsakes, seasonal items, and other things kept in the basement, attics, or closets.

  1. Keep the Clothes on Hangers

If you don’t know how to move your clothes on hangers, then know the process is quite easy. All you need to do is gather bundles and rubber band the tops. Afterward, place the bundles in a big kitchen garbage bag so as to protect your clothes.

Use a knot to tie it up at the top, and keep things hanging in the closet until it is time to move. As far as moving is concerned, you may stack up flat or use tension shower curtain rods to hang them in the back of your vehicle.

A Good Plan is the Key!

Among the effective ways of dealing with packing is to divide the entire process into small, manageable tasks. This means beginning with off-season things, such as swimsuits or cold weather gear and beach towels. Afterward, go to storage areas and do the same until you are done.

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