lawWhy you should get a legal proofreader

Why you should get a legal proofreader

Many attorneys know that any minor error in a contract can affect a deal. This is the reason why they tend to be natural proofreaders. They spend a lot of their time proofreading legal documents. Also, any proofreader can tell you that it’s important to have another person proofread a legal document so that they can detect errors you may have overlooked. No wonder, some law firms like to have several proofreaders to go through each document. 

This helps to reduce the risk of having an error slip through. Besides the contracts, you also need legal proofreading in a website copy, RFP responses, marketing brochures, and many other written materials. Even the best authors make errors, and when your business depends on high-quality writing, there is no room for any mistake. This post discusses why you should get a legal proofreader.

The importance of legal proofreading

It’s crucial to proofread legal documents so that you can identify and correct mistakes that can arise. Incorrect words in legal documents may change the whole meaning of information in the document. Worse still, a minor error can lead to significant legal issues for the attorneys and clients, proofreading is necessary because incorrect words appearing in a legal document are common.

You need to check the legal documents immediately after writing a draft. You have to make sure that the document is well-organized. Also, you need to present the information completely, clearly, and accurately. It’s a good idea to have a quality analyst team to ensure that they manage the proofreading process.  

Proofreading can assist you to identify errors as well as phrases and typos that need to be deleted. This process involves checking the whole document for grammar and spelling. No doubt, legal proofreading can significantly improve the accuracy for legal reports.

You can choose to use proofreading software, but it sometimes fails to identify some common errors that happen in the document. Therefore, you need to proofread legal documents from a hard copy so that you can identify and correct many more mistakes. You can follow a manual proofreading technique to make sure that there is accuracy. 

In most cases, legal practitioners find it easy to outsource the legal transcription to a reputable legal transcription firm that also does all the tasks, such as legal proofreading. Some of these firms provide round-the-clock support, free trials, and many more services. Alternatively, you can find a freelance legal proofreader to do it for you. The good news is that freelance legal proofreaders are usually more affordable and flexible. 

Materials that need legal proofreading

Potential customers also know that attorneys care about the details. Therefore, they take a good look at the brochures of a law firm as well as billboards and other marketing materials. These materials are there to ask people to trust you with their relationships, business, or even their freedom. Grammar and spelling errors may cost you customers before they even contact you. 

Keep in mind that your online presence can be one of the best elements of your marketing plan. Therefore, it needs to be accurate, polished, and succinct. The good thing is that proofreaders and professional copy editors can assist with all these things. And, the experts with legal experience can also make it easier for your website visitors to find what they are searching for. You may have to get a web designed for coding and graphics, but don’t forget the words themselves. 

Press releases and announcements also need proofreading. If you want a journalist to notice your announcement, it should look professional. Some editors and reporters will get rid of it at the first sign or errors. Copy editors know what these people look for and may assist make your news releases look appealing.  

When you decide to submit a response to requests for proposals, you also need to properly polish it. Your company is looking for business and may be competing with others whose proposals may be good or even better. Some customers like newspaper editors narrow the field by removing proposals that have grammar and spelling errors. Therefore, you need to get a copy editor to help you send clear information without wasting words. This shows the potential customer that you value their time.

Legal proofreading services

You need to be precise when it comes to legal writing. Remember that even a misplaced comma in a legal document can cost a lot of money. This makes it important to proofread all legal writings. Hence, if you are a law student or a legal professional, it’s worth it to find legal editing services. 

Legal documents are different from other documents. This is the reason why you should get a proofreader who knows legal terminology. The person should have the knowledge of industry practices and legal writing. Someone who knows the nuances of legal referencing. Thankfully, you can find many legal proofreaders on the market.

A legal proofreader can do several things for you. This includes correcting grammar, punctuation errors, and spelling. They can also ensure that the terminology is consistent and clear, fix problems with readability and sentence structure, and make sure that the tone and style of the legal document are appropriate.

Many legal proofreading service providers also provide legal proofreading for students. The good thing is that some of them offer proofreading services that follow academic plagiarism guidelines. Therefore, a student can submit their work confident that they may not be wrongly accused of cheating other people’s work. This service is great for a person studying law because you just need to upload a document to access this legal proofreading service.

Even better, legal proofreading service providers usually also offer editing services for non-student documents. This is suitable for researchers and professionals, especially if you have documents that require polishing up before you submit them. 

You can also choose to work with a freelance legal proofreader. In most cases, these professionals are affordable and flexible, so make sure that you hire someone with the right experience in legal proofreading.


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