What To Do When Your Interior Is Covered in Mud From Offroading

  • April 30, 2022
  • 3 min read
What To Do When Your Interior Is Covered in Mud From Offroading

Off-roading is one of the last great American pastimes. Whether you want to climb rocks in your truck or spin your wheels in the mud, there will probably be some cleanup to do afterward. Mud is particularly pernicious, though, if it happens to get into the interior of your truck. The moisture is a major problem for your upholstery, and if left unaddressed, your truck’s cab could develop mold and stains. Nobody wants their truck’s interior to be ruined because of fun day off-roading, so it’s important to invest in accessories that can provide protection. One such accessory, mud guards, can significantly reduce the risk of muddying and damaging your truck’s interior.

Utilizing All-Weather Floor Material

Mudguards work by catching the dirt and mud that often gets kicked up when you’re off-roading — or on the road, for that matter. Although this is an effective accessory to control mud, it’s unlikely to completely shield your truck. To better ensure that your interior is protected, it’s a good idea to invest in weather tech mats that can cover your floorboards with a waterproof barrier. These mats are specially designed to be used in all weather, including snow, rain, and sleet, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your floor is protected from any kind of mess you might track in.

Mats like these are so effective because they are engineered to provide optimal resistance to moisture and dirt. Look for a mat that features a material such as rubber or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). TPE is an innovative material that allows the mats to retail flexibility while offering superior durability. It’s also completely recyclable, making it an incredibly sustainable material, and a better alternative to products made from materials such as PVC or latex. When these mats get covered in mud, you can rinse them off and let them air dry for simple and effective interior protection.

Cover All Openings

The most effective way to protect your truck while you’re off-roading is to ensure that all openings are securely closed. It may be tempting to roll down the windows while you’re sliding through the mud, but doing so practically guarantees that you’ll be dealing with a dirty interior after the fun is over. Similarly, you should ensure that all of your doors are tightly shut so that there’s no chance of mud making its way into the cab of your truck.

Even if you follow this protocol, though, you may find that you still wind up with a muddy mess on your hands. Investing in rubber floor mats for trucks can make such a mess easier to clean up and even avoid in the first place. Rubber is a great material for minimizing mess because it is resistant to warping, can sustain heavy impact, and offers the additional benefit of sound absorption. Its resistance to mold, stains, and mildew also makes it the ideal option for anybody who enjoys off-roading activities that often result in a muddy truck interior.

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