BusinessWhat Motivates Professionals to Pursue PgMP Certification? (Pay Rise?)

What Motivates Professionals to Pursue PgMP Certification? (Pay Rise?)

A number of prior postings have looked at the PMI’s (Project Management Institute) PgMP (Program Management Professional) Certification Process from a variety of different perspectives.

The core issue is what would compel project management professionals to acquire PgMP certification in the first place.

I suppose the most apparent need of any professional would be the desire to improve one’s skills. Position, learning and development, recognition, belongingness and affiliation with senior management, the desire for a better change, or the ability to advance earnings are all important factors to consider. Alternatively, to prevent the possibility of falling behind. Some professionals like taking on new challenges and pushing themselves to greater heights. Pushing onward in an internal search to discover their real potential and competence that is continual and (silent).

Quote:- Those who were bold enough to succeed in this interior journey have altered the course of history on many occasions. This group of individuals is referred to as Innovators.

Some experts are among the first to embrace new technologies. Currently, the total number of accredited PgMP Certification has surpassed 1400, indicating that they are still considered early adopters. Given the overall success of project management, the faster rate of increase in certified program management professionals, and the acceptance of the program manager role by many industries around the world (with more and more openings for the program manager role), I believe early majorities will occur sooner rather than later (possibly within the next couple of years).

As you would agree, financial independence and a raise in salary continue to be a basic need for the vast majority of us. Let’s take a look at the variations in income and rate between the Project Manager and Program Manager positions. For example, as you can see in the illustration above, which is based on information obtained from the website, the program manager role has a higher daily rate and a more strategic role, and it is highly likely that the contracted project manager will be one of the project managers that this program manager will have in his program or programs.

In actuality, Project/Program Manager salaries/rates vary greatly depending on a variety of factors such as industry, sector, terms, needed degree of expertise, titles, project/program sizes and budgets, risks involved, availability of qualified candidates in the market, and so on.

You may view this Salary Survey Report by logging into your account at and going to the following link: PMI’s report includes information on a slew of other nations. It’s a really informative piece.

In conclusion, the surveys above (as well as the real-world example obtained from a reputable employment website above) provide strong evidence that a career transition from project manager to program manager may result in significant professional advancement and financial rewards. Consider the following: Do you believe it makes sense? Why not do it correctly the first time by obtaining your PgMP Credential? To discover out whether you are qualified for PgMP Certification, please contact us to sprintzeal

And, when you are ready to submit your PgMP application, you may get the Application Preparation Worksheet from this website:

The best way is to engage with PMCerty trainers in order to guarantee that you pass the exam on your first and only try. Professionals who had previously procrastinated were able to get started and advance quickly as a result of working with our instructors. Saving both time and money is a good thing. For further information, please see

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