What are the tips for Personal Loan management?

  • August 9, 2022
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What are the tips for Personal Loan management?

Banks offer Loans to help you meet your expenses and fulfil your needs. Whether you buy a house, car, pay for a house renovation, or have a medical emergency, you get financial assistance by approaching the bank directly or through their app. Personal Loans are affordable solutions for managing crises and unplanned expenses. You should fulfil the eligibility criteria and have a good CIBIL score for quick approval. 

The Personal Loan terms and conditions are simple, making you stress-free for the entire tenure. Following are other tips to get a lower interest on your borrowed money:

Meet the eligibility criteria

Your eligibility criteria include age, employment type, employer, monthly income, credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and liabilities. It varies between banks. Meeting the lender’s eligibility criteria also helps you get the Loan at a low and affordable rate.

Disclose income sources

Whether you earn from a freelance job or a rented flat, disclosing your second income source gets you the lowest Personal Loan interest rates. It reduces the lender’s risk by showing sufficient income for repayment.


Adding a co-borrower while applying increases your eligibility and provides the best deals at affordable interest rates. Even with low interests, it is essential to manage the repayment properly to avoid financial burden in the future.

Apply at reputed lenders

Nowadays, many banks offer attractive Loans. It is best to apply to reputed banks with a good relationship. You receive some benefits as the lender knows your income and financial behaviour. Applying for a from the Banking app allows you to compare different schemes.


Borrow the amount as per your requirement. Calculate an approximate value by using the Loan calculator. Make a budget to plan the repayment. If possible, try prepaying the equated monthly instalment at a higher amount. Opt for part payment and prepayments whenever you have sufficient funds and track the remaining amount.

Disciplined investment

Keep your documents and other information ready if you are eligible for Personal Loans. Enquire about the repayment method and other formalities before selecting the lender. Negotiate the interest rates. Since these are unsecured, you need not pledge collateral to the lender.

Increase EMIs

Increase your EMIs whenever you get a raise at work. The more you push up your EMIs, the faster you can repay your debts and the less you need to pay by interest while arranging funds for other purposes.

Make timely payments

It is wiser to make payments on time to avoid affecting your credit score and paying high penalties. You can develop a disciplined investment approach and get opportunities to better Bank Personal Loan schemes. Lenders build trust and do not hesitate to reduce the interest rates.


The application and disbursal of the Loan amount are simple, secure, and stress-free. Having disciplined finances and setting a budget is the key to happy borrowing.

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