What are the Features of Best Wallets for Men?

  • May 14, 2022
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What are the Features of Best Wallets for Men?

Every day, you may see beautiful leather wallets in the showcase of many brands. However, you must identify the best wallets for men among them. As someone who has been a saddler for 10 years, I’ll give you a few tips.

1. Why Real Leather Is More Durable?

There is only one consumer product that has been used since the beginning of human history, and that critical material is of course leather. Genuine leather is a living material, it has a better appearance over time, and if it has good tanning, the probability of wear is very low. Leather is also ergonomic, flexible, has a durable surface, and takes shape according to the credit cards you have used.

When cared for, leather is like new.

2. The World’s Best Slim Wallets

What good can a wallet do to be thin? It does not create a fluffy look in your pocket. It does not bother you and is suitable for use in your back pocket. If your leather wallet is thin enough, you won’t be bothered by a crooked posture. Separate thin wallets seem more aesthetic to many.

3. What is the Difference Between Handmade and Factory Made?

A factory-made wallet is produced using sub-grade leather. In cases where leathers encounter quality problems during or before tanning, they are dyed in the tannery and turned into ready-dyed leathers. These ready-dyed leathers are the same as the leathers of 98% of factory-made wallets used by humanity. However, vegetable-tanned flawless leathers are generally used in handmade wallets. If the wallet is hand-stitched, it will mean that you have a wonderful wallet that you can use for a lifetime without any issues.

4. Why Hand Stitching and Linen Thread Are Important in Wallet Production?

There is a huge difference between hand sewing and sewing machine sewing. When any of the seams of a sewing machine-sewn wallet break, all the seams are released and the wallet stitch is destroyed. But hand sewing is different. If a hand-stitched seam unravels from any part of the wallet, you can fix it by burning only the untied area with a lighter and continuing using the wallet. Moreover, it is important to use linen thread in hand-stitched wallets. Linen rope is produced by knitting very thin fibers. It has very high strength and has an aesthetic appearance.

5. What Are the Prices of the Best Wallets for Men?

There are many brands of leather wallets on the market. But keep in mind that the average price of fabricated wallets that will work for you for long periods is between $75 and $150. If you are determined to buy a handmade leather wallet, definitely choose the leather wallets of a brand that you see the workmanship. Keep in mind that handmade leather wallets cost between $100 and $250 on average. If you ask me, instead of buying a factory-made wallet every year, you can have the best wallets for men by making a good choice and buying a handmade wallet in one go.

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