Sushil Singh: Managing Things Need Of The Hour

  • October 25, 2021
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Sushil Singh: Managing Things Need Of The Hour

Sushil Singh, who is the director of three different organisations and a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), is a passionate follower of social media. He is very much active on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The Indian entrepreneur sees social media as a tool to make an impactful change in this brick-and-mortar world.

“Social media is a key tool in making many things look possible in this brick-and-mortar world. It keeps you up to date with your latest trends, topics and innovations and at the same time, one can know what their friends are doing.

“I remember when I left my college, we were not that privileged to see our friends and family members, who were far away from us, enjoying their lives and sharing some of the golden moments. Hence, I do respect this look even more,” said Sushil.

The Indian entrepreneur sees social media as a light at the end of the tunnel as he feels that enables humans to share quality aspects of their lives and make them ready to inspire others.

“I started with posting my reviews about books and managerial notes to explore one of my hobbies and make it available on social media. However, I didn’t think that many people from other parts of the world would take these reviews as a way to deal with their lives functionally, Sushil described.

Sushil, majorly, feels that the change happens from the home (office) firstly. Making his beloved employees work well and follow a learning lesson of positivity is what makes Sushil motivated to learn and develop. He spends productive hours in a day to be ready for reading books and gymming.

Sushil sees books as a way to develop the mind and take the proceedings to another level. Meanwhile, the founder of Just Wish finds fitness as a key mantra to learn a new chapter of discipline.
“In North America and Europe, a boxing gym is regarded as a platform to make many children decepilaned. In almost every case, boxing does help kids to become disciplined and learn new lessons. Many of them even become World Champions. Any part of gymming does bring fortune in our lives.

“Books, on the other hand, help the mind to think and act. If your mind is not thinking, then it does not bring positive outcomes in our lives. Hence, I urge everyone to read something and make this world an educated place, Sushil explained.

Other than fitness and reading, Sushil sees skill development as a perfect method of one making mentally stimulated.

“We do see one of our friends getting a far better package than us. And after every year, his worth is worth just bigger and better. It happens because he does respect the job very well. Once you follow the very process, things do look just perfect.” Sushil pictured a basic concept of life.

In a managerial notes post on Instagram, Sushil points out a basic concept that can help most to frame a good professional aroma. The director of SaiVa SysTem strongly believes that writing down the tasks, following them in the evening and making a work output at the end of the day does bring many people fortunes of becoming a top professional. He even said in the video that if one follows these tasks very well, then there are higher chances of him getting a better job or a great increment.

“Managing professional life is not very hard. Once you start following every task very well, it just helps a person to create a positive atmosphere and start opening new ways of finding ideas. It is the only piece of the jigsaw a person needs for becoming the creme de la creme.

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Sushil also said he did see many of his employees becoming skilful and productive just weeks after following this task. In his eyes, following just the basic concept of life makes one ready to take that glories step.

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