Digital marketingSome classic marketing techniques that you can apply on social media today

Some classic marketing techniques that you can apply on social media today

Social media has plenty of power because it dictates the way we interact with brands and individuals today. It has also changed how online conversations happen, which requires businesses to work their way into conversations without being annoying or intrusive.

Even though social media is now what we think of when we hear of ‘technology’, and you no longer think of classic tools like TVs and typewriters as such, you can employ useful marketing techniques from the era that will still work for your brand today. In this article, we will discuss them and see what you can learn from the past while adapting it to the present.

Always do your homework

If you work in marketing and ignore doing research, you are dangerous to the progress of your business. Every sales and marketing person must value research, and this is a classic technique before Big Data was a solid presence in people’s lives.

Social media managers today can emulate this through using analytics platforms to support your research, and finding ideas that you can explain why you are implementing them. Analytics platforms are great alternatives for the world of today, and they can help you make the most of your ideas.

Learn the rules then break them

A famous example of rule-breaking in the realm of advertising was in the 1960s when Volkswagen developed a campaign termed ‘Think Small’. They changed what was the norm for traditional print ads by printing out a very small car on a page filled with blank spaces, which was in their effort to sell Beetle cars to Americans, who already had the reputation of preferring large fuel guzzlers.

The result was surprising to everyone – massive brand loyalty and a major sales boost occurred from their campaign efforts.

While social media platforms can be trickier when you are trying to change how things are done, it is not an impossible task. It is all within your power – do your research into your target market, figure out how your chosen social media platform works, and adjust things as you go.

Do not do a bait-and-switch

Your advertising campaigns and work should not use exaggerated claims or over-the-top statements, because many people are already skeptical about brands and whether they should trust them. Do not take to lying either; studies show that millennials, for instance, are 43% more likely to call out brands they deem as fake.

Get to the point

A tough lesson you will learn on your marketing journey is that commercial attention does not always translate to success. Your audiences are likely to get less interested in your brand if you take too long to explain it, so use the rule of less is more by grabbing their attention within the first 5 seconds.

This rule is particularly true if you plan to market to teens and younger audiences in general, with platforms like TikTok becoming immensely successful due to this strategy. You can even attract more attention to your platform by increasing your reach through buying likes on TikTok from – the more attention you grab from your audience, the more successful you get in your marketing campaign.

Always use the correct imagery

Images are excellent ways to build and solidify your brand image, as well as upping your social media game. This is because they are great ways to help people retain information.

Therefore, ensure you are doing your best to make your images fit your style and branding guidelines. If it is possible, add the logotype and your business logo to the image if you are reinforcing your identity among your viewers. Keep in mind that consistency is always a bonus in your style, while it also helps followers to know your brand instantly.

Context is essential

Improperly using context in your marketing efforts is a recipe for disaster – it will destroy your brand reputation, while also making you appear ignorant. However, getting it right always has a positive effect; an example is Wells Fargo’s TV commercial, which they optimized for Facebook viewers that may not see a video with sound or prefer shorter content.

Just because classic techniques of marketing were from the past, they are not irrelevant due to social media and modern connection techniques. They can still help you make the most of social media connections and build a strong, loyal audience.

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