TechnologySoftware Implementation: 5 Tips to Smooth Out a Roll-Out

Software Implementation: 5 Tips to Smooth Out a Roll-Out

Are you implementing new software for your business? Do you worry that the changes won’t go well and the project won’t succeed?

Close to 89 percent of small to medium-sized businesses that use cloud technology agree that it saves them time and money.

Software implementation can be a bumpy ride. Here are some great tips to help you smooth out the roll-out.

1. Create a Software Implementation Plan

Your project needs leaders, so assigning a project lead is important. They are the main point of contact and act as a coordinator. Define their role and responsibilities and give them the authority to make decisions regarding the project.

Create a core project team and ensure members include someone from each operational area of the business. Clearly defined milestones and timelines will help ensure the software implementation project stays on track.

2. Connect With the Experts

A professional team can assist you with your implementation. They have the experience and skill set to get you live on your new system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

An ADP implementation expert will confidently lead your team through the software implementation process. They can provide your businesses with support tailored to the needs of your project.

3. Create a Training Schedule

At the planning stage, identify anyone affected by the new software and determine their training needs. Create a detailed training schedule to meet their needs. 

Ensure that all team members understand the reasons for the new software and the goals you are setting. As they see how the system’s unique capabilities can help them perform their jobs, it’s easier for them to accept the new software.

Any opportunity to create training videos or automate how-to assistance tips will streamline the process and allow your team ongoing access as they require it. You can use this training as part of your onboarding package for new hires.

4. Continuous Monitoring

Monitor every project stage to ensure the team meets milestones. It helps to deploy the implementation in phases. Evaluate progress at the end of each phase, and remember to recognize small successes as they occur.

Check to ensure that the supplier delivers the products and services as promised. Measure results to see if the changes are improving efficiency and increasing profits.

Deal with any technical issues as they arise. Monitor workflows as you implement new processes and take care of any changes identified.

5. Consult With Your Team

Communication is essential, and frequent status updates let stakeholders know your progress. Listen to any concerns raised by your IT personnel and other team members. 

Clear communication lines are one way to gain commitment from all team members. Celebrate milestones as your team achieves them. That will help keep everyone on the project motivated.

Succeed in Your Software Implementation

Now that you know these tips for successful software implementation, you can move ahead with your project. When you create a plan and follow the steps, your software implementation will go smoothly, and your organization will thrive.

If you enjoyed learning how to smooth out your software roll-out, we have more advice on our blog. Check it out today! 

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