Reduce the Clutter; Pro Tips for Storage

  • February 16, 2022
  • 4 min read
Reduce the Clutter; Pro Tips for Storage

Spring has almost sprung upon us and it is time to declutter and create more space, as we transit into a new season. Spring decluttering is one of the most complicated tasks to undertake. There is a lot that you must throw away but at the same time, you want to keep so many things with you. This is nothing less than an internal tug of war. 

But as things start to overflow, there is a need to sort things out and create space for new things. Thus, we have summed up some very easy-to-use pro tips, to get rid of unwanted clutter and improvise your storage. 

Let’s dig in. 

Tip 1: Throw away Unused Items 

Decluttering is not all about throwing away; it is about organizing things also. However, you need to differentiate between the things that you use and the ones that are always lying around. Separate the two and throw away all the items that are not used on a regular basis. Make sure that you don’t keep things aimlessly. Hoarding is one of the poorest habits to have; get rid of it. Take your time to separate all the unused items. 

Tip 2: Storage Solutions 

Look for smart storage solutions that can help you organize your belongings properly. There are many things that one might not use on a daily basis but they have a sentimental value to them. Or maybe, you have to use those items occasionally. A Giant lockbox might be a great solution for storing all those possessions separately. You can keep it aside in your storeroom to ensure that it is well-taken care of. 

Tip 3: Cabinets are Great 

Adding cabinets to your spaces is a wonderful way to organize all your items professionally. For example, you can have a separate medicine cabinet. Likewise, you can have a separate one for shoes. You can also install a back hanging in the kitchen cabinets to hang large spoons. They usually take up a lot of space. But a small hanging inside the cabinets can help you manage them smartly. 

Tip 4: Roll out Shelves

roll-out shelves are a wonderful installation in the kitchen or even in rooms or living spaces. Although lower cabinets were used largely in the past years, they usually left a lot of unused space in the back end. But with a rollout shelf, you can reclaim the unused space. It helps you utilize the entire shelf properly and aids in organizing your items like a pro. 

Tip 5: Keep Minimal Things on Flat Surfaces

Have you ever paid attention to flat surfaces? These spaces are cluttered the most. You start putting a few items on the shelves and within no time, it starts to fill up. Make it your goal, that you will keep the flat surfaces free of unrequired items and clutter. Use cabinets and drawers to organize everything. You can also add small boxes in drawers to make the most out of unused spaces. Always give away items that you do not use regularly or at all. Keeping flat surfaces cleaner will help you significantly in making your space look organized and tidy. 


Set a timeline for your decluttering session and always start by separating unused and unwanted items. Once the waste is set aside and gone, it is easier and quicker for you to declutter your space. Start with a goal and stay organized. Do it with dedication and you will be able to get done with the task within a short time span. 

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