Pole-Mounted IP65 Server Platform for 5G Ran and the Intelligent Edge

  • December 1, 2022
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Pole-Mounted IP65 Server Platform for 5G Ran and the Intelligent Edge

Looking to upgrade your data centers with a clean, elegant, and manageable solution? Are you ready to take the next step in terms of data protection and disaster recovery? Then look no further than our Pole-Mounted IP65 Server Platform for 5G Ran and the Intelligent Edge. As a leader in data center solutions, we know that technology is constantly changing. With this in mind, we’ve created a platform that can support future upgrades with useable components (both hardware and software) so you do not have to go through the time-consuming process of upgrading your system when it’s not necessary.

Key Features

Supports up to 6Gbps

Dual Intel® Xeon® E5 2600v3 processors (heatsink included for 2nd Gen processors)

Dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (3D-capable) (heat sink included for 2nd Gen processors)

Intel® C244 chipset supports up to 6x 10GbE + 12x 1GbE ports (depending on enclosure)


The 5G Ran and Intelligent Edge servers are based on our IP65 Pole-Mounted Enclosure. It supports up to four servers, each with a dual Intel® Xeon® processor (up to 28 cores) and dual Mellanox 10GbE CNAs. The system uses the Intel C244 chipset and has three PCI-E 3.0 slots as well as two internal M.2 PCIe key-M slots available for fiber or CAPI flash drives. All servers are equipped with redundant power supplies and fans, and IP65-rated enclosures can provide a level of protection against rain and dust.


The Ran operates at 20-30W consumption while the Intelligent Edge is closer to 10W consumption. With up to 4x 2x10GbE ports on each server, you can achieve speeds up to 120Mbps per port while consuming less than 20W. With 1GB of DDR4, you can easily handle multiple applications in parallel with ease.

The 5G Ran and Intelligent Edge operate at 10-12V while the system consumes more than 70W. With 3x 3TB NVMe SSDs, you’ll enjoy quick I/O with high performance.

Use Cases

Edge AI Inferencing

Directly insert the 5G Ran and Intelligent Edge into the edge of your network. With the capacity for up to 3x2x10GbE ports, you can load and balance multiple applications per port with ease. The systems are also ideal for AI inferencing at the edge where high-speed and highly parallel systems are necessary. Edge Services

Ran & Intelligence

With a system that can support up to 4x servers, you can have all of your application requirements available within the same chassis. Increase server density and performance with the use of intelligent systems, and reduce operational costs by eliminating unnecessary power consumption and runaway servers.

The system is also ideal for short-haul, high-throughput applications such as AI inferencing, real-time analytics, and translation that require low latency and ultra-low bandwidth. Data Centre Transformation

The Ran and Intelligent Edge are the perfect systems for data center transformation. With a low power consumption, you can increase your server density and enhance the performance of your applications without increasing your energy bill. With increasing data collection and storage requirements, look no further than our Pole-Mounted IP65 Server Platform for Ran and the Intelligent Edge.


The 5G Ran and Intelligent Edge server can be locally attached to the Ran via fiber optic cable, allowing you to connect directly to the edge of your network and work in an intelligent cloud.

Your servers even have a web-based management interface, allowing you freedom of data center structure while empowering users with easy access to critical information. With a system that requires minimal overhead and power consumption, there’s no better platform for local cloud platforms with high performance.

Supporting the 5G Ran and Intelligent Edge is an open ecosystem of products and services, including our Pole-Mounted IP65 Server Platform for 5G Ran and the Intelligent Edge. Our systems are designed to be fully interoperable with other key technologies such as our Rack-Mounted IP40 Server Platform for 4K Broadcast Video Delivery, our Rack-Mounted IP40 CPU Server Platform for Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing, and our 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors.

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