TechnologyInteresting ways to extend the battery life of your Mac system

Interesting ways to extend the battery life of your Mac system

Do you want to get more hours out of your MacBook? There are ways to get more juice out of your Mac’s battery. However, if you have been using the system for a long time and your system struggles to get through the day, it might be time to replace the battery and get a new one. You need to check whether your battery needs replacement.

Besides the ancient battery and requiring a replacement, you can follow these tips to extend your system’s battery life.

Update your macOS software

This is a no-brainer when it comes to extending your system’s battery life. Apple developers are always at work and trying their best to improve the Mac experience for users. They invest a lot of time and effort into ensuring your macOS software is updated.

With every Apple software update, new advanced features are included that help in preventing bugs and enhancing battery life.

You can update your software by clicking on the Apple icon > selecting About This Mac > clicking Software Update. If there are any updates available, click to install them. Your system’s battery life will be extended automatically, and you don’t have to rack your brains.

Use Mac’s shutdown timer

The shutdown timer option is found in your system’s energy-saving options. Thanks to this option, you can decide to instruct your system to shut down when there are no activities so that the battery is saved. For instance, you might have fallen asleep watching a movie or listening to music. If there are no activities for a long time, the shutdown timer will ensure your system shuts down after a while so that your battery isn’t spent. You can find this option by opening System Preferences and clicking Energy Saver. Here, you can set Mac to turn off at a certain time.

Lower the screen brightness

Dimming the screen of your system will help to enhance the battery life. You can drop the brightness level of your system’s screen and save energy.

Reduce the screen brightness by clicking the Apple icon > going to System Preferences > clicking Displays, and adjusting the Brightness slider. Ensure the brightness level is adjusted according to your needs so you don’t have to press your nose against the screen to read what’s written.

You can also search for the F key buttons to decrease or increase brightness. You will notice the sun icon on them.

Quit Chrome and use Safari

For an instant and significant battery bump, you need to quit using Chrome and switch to using Safari. It is a simple switch, but it can enhance your system’s battery life by an hour or so.

If you didn’t know, Google Chrome sucks out a lot of battery due to its heavy RAM consumption.

Switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If you are always on the move, the chances are you are listening to music or playing games. But if you don’t need to listen to music or play games, it would be good to turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your Mac system to boost your battery life.

You can click on Airport in the menu bar and simply toggle to switch off Wi-Fi on your Mac. You can turn off Bluetooth by clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and switching it off.

Furthermore, you can save battery by removing all the unnecessary accessories you don’t need. So, you can disconnect all the external devices that you no longer need to save your system’s battery life. It will help your system to last longer.

Close all the background applications

When you are trying to extend your system’s battery life and make it home, you would only want your system to focus on the essentials. You have to turn off all the unnecessary background applications running on their own accord. These apps take up a lot of your system’s battery life and drain your battery faster than required.

You can learn about all the applications running in the background by navigating to Applications > clicking Utilities > and clicking Activity Monitor. You have to close all the applications you don’t need running at the moment to save battery life.

In addition to increasing the battery life, closing background applications will also free up your system resources. It will make sure your system runs faster, and you can complete your tasks quickly without a glitch.

Wrapping up

These are some of the interesting ways you can enhance the battery life of your Mac system. These hacks are simple, and you can master them without any hassle. It will help you to get more juice out of your MacBook.

So, the next time you need your Mac to run longer, you can keep these in mind.

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