How to make the Best of Living in Seattle for a Temporary Job

  • August 2, 2022
  • 5 min read
How to make the Best of Living in Seattle for a Temporary Job

Once you have been able to find a place to stay while working your temp job, it’s hard to know what to do around town.  In this post you’ll find out about some of the best activities to try in and around Seattle.  Are you ready for your next adventure?


Museums may not be your thing, but Seattle might just change your mind.  There are well over 30 different museums in Seattle ranging from their largest, the Seattle Art Museum, to smaller ones that focus on historical moments such as the gold rush.  

Museum of Pop Culture

Perhaps one of the wildest trips you’ll take, the Museum of Pop Culture is a constant psychedelic walkthrough of history’s most popular people.  From brilliant LED displays, to performance recordings and artwork, this museum is worth the trip.  It’s located near Seattle Center and its prominent red wall shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Seattle Art Museum

As one of the major museums in the US, the Seattle Art Museum constantly houses some of the greats.  At one time, they had an entire collection of Monet and his contemporaries!  They do also feature more modern artwork in their exhibits as well.

Pacific Science Center

This is a great museum to visit on a cool day.  The Pacific Science Center is an indoor/outdoor experience of a lifetime.  From dinos and butterflies to legos and hands-on activities, this center has it all: there are even demonstrations and classes that are on a constant rotation.

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

If you want to go to the head honcho of museums, then you need to check out the Burke Museum.  Originally, it was established as the Washington State Museum and is a result of a naturalist club that had been founded in the 1880’s.  

Aquariums and Zoos 

Personally, some of the best aquariums are found right by the water and the best zoos are dedicated to conservation.  Guess what Seattle has?  Both!

Seattle Aquarium

Talk about an active aquarium!  Not only has this aquarium won awards, but they are also working on alternative plastics that are less harmful to sea life.  With regular shows and fun informational talks, the scientists and staff of the aquarium are working hard to not only provide a fun experience, but also do their part in helping save Puget Sound.

Woodland Park Zoo

If you ever wanted to go to an award winning zoo, then look no further!  Their focus is on supporting wildlife and ensuring that their animals are properly taken care of.  They focus on conservation and because of their dedication, they have received over 65 awards.

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Being in a new area means getting to learn about new ecosystems and that is exactly what Point Defiance specializes in.  They focus on providing an experience that is unique to the pacific rim: with education on species, an aquarium, botanical garden, and zoo integrated into one, they really ensure that they take good care of their animals and also their visitors!

Sports and Activities

You can’t talk about Washington without talking about how many things you can do outside almost all year round.  Maybe you already are into a few different sports or you may want to try a new one.  Whether or not its something new, there is definitely something to try!


If you could say a state had a sport, then Washington’s sport would be hiking.  There are parks, government parks, random trails, and even secret gems that you can discover while hiking.  To be honest, you could honestly hike in the city in some areas that aren’t as developed.  With miles and miles of forested pathways and even oceanside trails, it would be hard to get bored of hiking!

Rock Climbing

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, there are plenty of rock climbing groups and rentals in Seattle.  Instead of having to shell out for buying high quality equipment, you can rent equipment and even join different rock climbing groups.  There are several groups that start at beginner and go to advanced

Boating and Kayaking

When near the water, it’s always fun to take a boat or kayak to explore the shores.  These sports are very common and you will easily find rental stores all over the coast.  Many people have experienced beautiful encounters with sea life in Puget Sound, who knows who you’ll get to meet?


Whether or not Seattle was your top destination, you’re sure to fall in love with the city and the mountain ranges as you go exploring.  This city is rich with history and has many things to do to make the best of living in Seattle.

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