How to Enjoy the Super Bowl?

  • October 25, 2022
  • 3 min read
How to Enjoy the Super Bowl?

It is called the Super Bowl, a day when almost every American husband and boyfriend is glued to the TV and couch on that chilly January day. Even if you’ve agreed to take a break from football during the season, or if you don’t value Super Bowl Betting this is the one day of the year when no fan makes an exception.

Unless you love soccer as much as your spouse does, develop a strategy that not only gets you through the day but also has a good time. Why should football fans in particular enjoy themselves? 

Here are three quick and easy suggestions that might just become a new annual tradition:

  • Switch houses.

Staying home with your spouse while they watch pre-game, game, and post-game highlights is a definite method of stoking the embers of an argument when you’d rather be doing something else. It’s time to get out of the house if the Super Bowl is driving you crazy.

Invite your friends to a Super Bowl survival party and spread the word. One of your buddies has to invite all fans to his house as part of the trade. While enjoying your personal get-together with friends and a tidy home, football fans can spend the day in a house. 

  • He gets one, you get one concept.

 If you don’t like the Super Bowl as much as you are bored with it, why not host two meetings at your house in January instead? Create two areas: one for watching the game and one for your personal celebrations.

Hiring a caterer at this point would be ideal. While hiring a caterer may seem extravagant, having an attendant or waiter present saves you from dealing with guests who keep asking for snacks and drinks.

If hiring a caterer is out of your price range, ask that each guest bring a dish.  

  • Take a little trip. 

The Super Bowl is the ideal excuse for a break from it all when you feel the need for some downtime. Your spouse will be safely accommodated in the family room, making it easy for you to sneak away for the day or maybe the weekend. If you prepare properly, you might not even see a single commercial or glimpse of the halftime performance.

Just weeks after the holidays and summer vacation, the Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity for some much-needed pampering. Visit a spa hotel or bed and breakfast that offers in-room massages.  

You can also take a break from the game and recharge your batteries by going shopping, going to the theater or going on a gastronomic expedition. Wherever you choose to travel, rest assured that the vacation will inspire and soothe you. Pick a task that you wouldn’t normally do for yourself.


 These are some of the suggestion on how you can “get through the day” in January. So, do it with renewed vigor. With a little preparation, the Super Bowl can be great fun for both football fans and non-fans alike.

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