FashionHolographic Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Holographic Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Holographic nails paint actually comes from general nail polish itself, with an additional special pigment, which is made up of microscopic reflective particles, that gives the nails that trademark sheen of it. 

After the application of a base colour or even just the  base layer on to the nail, then  there’s addition of a layer of the holographic pigment with the help of a brush or instead simple makeup applicator, and then brushing off any extra pigment to remove excess and for an eye-catching and holographic look. Then over the top of the powder, technicians add the next layer of clear glossy top coat.

The holographic pigment: Holographic Nails

The nail polish and a holographic nail paint are basically the same apart from the minute difference of the pigment called Spectraflair which is added on top of the nail.. Spectraflair is actually a pigment which is made of magnesium fluoride and aluminium, which refracts light very well, which is the core reason for the holographic properties of the nails. 

How to prepare the holographic nails?

  1. Application of a base coat followed by another plain colour. Any random colours would work, but at the beginning stages technicians generally consider white or silver coat, the reason behind is that these colours makes gaps and mistakes less noticeable.
  2. Application of  a gel top coat, which will allow the powder to stick on the nail.
  3. The next step is to dab the powder on it with either a makeup brush or a paint brush, from the base up.
  4. Then Brush off the extra powder very gently when it has dried. Artists generally use an eye shadow brush for this.
  5. Apply a layer of the top coat on the nail.
  6. The last step is to cure the nails under a UV light.

The holographic effects come out to look different when brushed in  different directions. all The nail colors look extremely trendy when applied on the nails. They although have a highly pigmented formula on them. these are long-lasting, chip-resistant and easy to remove. These nail paints are free from all the synthetic toxins, thus these make the pigment safe for the nails. 

The holographic nail powder however glow in the dark they may look actually are not, but they glow about everywhere else when light strikes the nails. 

Holographic Nails

The rise of holographic trend 

The holographic nail trend actually came under the lime light in the world in 2016, when the famous model Gigi Hadid wore them and rocked a chrome nail polish at the Met Gala, it really took off after 2017 via various social media sites and since then it shows no signs of downfall. Everyone loves the way their nails appear on the photos or even just catching light out on the streets! At the first glance, these holographic nails almost look like natural nail polish, but once they interact with light, they become reflective, they reflect a cool and subtle kind of reflection , these look effortless, shiny and iconically gleam.

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