Hippie Aesthetic Room Decor: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

  • October 31, 2022
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Hippie Aesthetic Room Decor: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Hippie Aesthetic Room Decor: Intro

When we talk about Aesthetics, we talk about things that we like to surround ourselves with that makes us happy and goes well with our ideas. Different people like different Aesthetics, and while these aesthetics have their own name, a lot of times we just do things that we see fit. Some people like cottagecore, some people like gothic while some people like urban and colourful Aesthetics. Apart from that, it is also cool to incorporate elements from two or more aesthetics to create something completely new and unique.

Hippie Aesthetic Room Decor: Creative Touch

When we talk about room decor, probably one of the first pictures that comes to mind is a nice, neatly decorated space with the necessary furniture and some additional items. We think of sleek designs and sophisticated paints, which is often used for a technical looking space, or we also imagine having something inspired by tropical places, full of bright, pastel shades and indoor plants. However, we all have our own ideas that we like to portray through our interiors.

Out of the all the aesthetics that are there, one of them is the hippie aesthetic. It involves using different colours and designs, thereby utilising a lot of boho designs. So if you are into all that, take a look that this list for some hippie room decor inspiration:

hippie aesthetic room decor

Notes To Have

  • If you are just beginning to add hippie aesthetic to your room and are unsure about how to decorate it, then starting off in a minimalistic way will leave you room for more additions in the future. Therefore, to start off with, you can simply hang a mandala tapestry on your wall for that voluminous look to give to your room. Choosing the right tapestry according to your taste will help you achieve the perspective you are looking for, and it will also be a great new addition for your room. Apart from mandala designs, are there also a lot of other designs available that you can choose from.
  • Another great way to achieve a hippie aesthetic in your room in by adding some indoor plants, or using fake leaves or vines to hang around the walls of your room. This will help give a garden, hippie vibe to your room and it might also make you feel closer to nature. You can find good quality, sturdy indoor plants from good plant stores, and same goes for real or fake vines that are low maintenance but will help you achieve what you are looking for. Indoor plants are one of the simplest ways of adding a hippie look for your room


  • Things made of natural, plant based items like jute, leaves, cork or wood are great for helping you achieve a boho, hippie look for your room. So, in order to achieve something like that, you can hang wall decorations, like wind chimes made of wood and fake feathers, wall hangings made wood, jute room accessories like storage containers and you can also use jute bags to carry your stuff in for an added, more portable way of carrying that aesthetic. One of the best things about these items is that they are eco friendly, and hippie lifestyle focuses a lot on nature and spirituality.

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