Jaelyn Crooks: Bio, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

  • December 27, 2022
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Jaelyn Crooks: Bio, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Racism persisted in the majority of American schools, weakening their Jaelyn crooks credibility and prompting the majority of parents to switch to homeschooling. Black and brown students in schools continue to experience erasure, humiliation, and daily suffering because of racist teachers and, worse yet, from their white classmates. Such was the situation with Nya Sigin, an African-American, who had to swallow her bitterness while Jaelyn Crooks & Jaeden Kewely made derogatory, hateful, and threatening remarks against her.

Jaelyn Crooks: Bio

Jaelyn was born in Minnesota and is an American citizen. Jaelyn’s birth information, including her birthday, is ambiguous. Crooks is, nevertheless, thought to be in her teenage years. The adolescent’s ethnicity is probably mixed, and it is uncertain what religion Jaelyn crooks practices. In Minnesota, Crooks attends Prior Lake High School.

Jaelyn Crooks: Parents

Jodie Crooks is the mother of Jaelyn Crooks. Jaelyn’s father’s background is also a mystery. However, on August 15, 2014, Jaelyn’s parents wed. Jaelyn Crooks is said to be related to an affluent Minnesotan family.

Jaelyn Crooks Being A Racist

In 2021, ‘Prior Lake High School’ student Shaun King infuriated the online community by posting a horrible racial video. In the video, Jaelyn and another kid named Kewley were threatening and making racial remarks towards a black classmate. Nya Sigin, a first year student at the same school who is 14 years old, was the victim of abusive comments and harassment. The African-American student didn’t initially believe she was the target of the offensive remarks until she discovered they were too individualized during a counseling session.

Nya’s Sister Elizabeth Sigin

After watching the clip, Nya’s sister Elizabeth, a student at the school, voiced her displeasure. Elizabeth stated that she was upset by the threats and words and mentioned how Jaelyn crooks and Jayden had bullied her sister. Because Nya Sigin is constantly being tormented, according to Elizabeth, the incident has hurt her family. Nya struggled with depression and anxiety, and in the midst of 2021, she attempted suicide. Nya had come a long way in her recovery, but the insulting video had brought about a relapse. Since then, the online community has been quite supportive of Nya Sigin. Nya’s education expenses were covered by a GoFundMe site that garnered more than 38,000 dollars.

No Apology Given

Since the Prior Lake student’s hate video was circulated on so many social media sites and got viral, Jaelyn Crooks didn’t utter a word. Jaelyn has made her Instagram profile private. The Head of Prior Lake wrote to the parents to let them know that the school does not support racism or hate speech. The Principal also assured them that Crooks and Jayden would definitely face consequences for the irresponsible behavior from the facility. As per some sources, Jaelyn Crooks’s parents received a letter from the principal. Additionally, local police are investigating the issue. Many, nevertheless, are calling for the dismissal of the student.

Some netizens have been looking for Jaelyn’s apologies for the hate comments online. Unfortunately, the teen Jaelyn Crooks has not accepted responsibility for her foolish statements or expressed regret.

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