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  • July 10, 2022
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Sentropy, a technology community which safeguards various communities across Internet is being bought by Discord, a free text, voice, video chat app that is used by millions of people! Through this discord sentropy approach , discord fights the very important aspect of social media communities i.e harassment and protection against such activities.

Discord bought Santropy in order to fight against its online evils.

Currently, multilevel approach to moderation is being used by Discord . As of May 2020, the shaping of content moderation policies was done by 15% of the team dedicated solely to protection.

Discord is planning to bring Sentropy’s leadership group abroad and will integrate Sentropy’s products into it’s existing toolkit. The terms and conditions have not been disclosed yet but the take-over of Sentropy indicates that it is leaning towards taking into consideration, the online harassment and the toxic content. Sentropy aipowered itself in order to fight against all this!

The CEO of Sentropy-  John Redgrave ,said that using T&S tech and processes as a competitive advantage should not be an option and that we all deserve safety digitally and physically! Sentropy technologies are sure to help Discord in order to be a better platform

Once an anti-racist protester- Heather Heyer was found dead when Discord cracked down on lots of hate and extremist slant following the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. As a result by feb 2018, company fired

white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups, in order to clean up the dirt and transcend it’s gaming roots by growing into a mainstream social network. The company is currently holding its core user base as gamers, now it has around 150 million worldwide users.

How does Discord represents itself in future?

It represents itself as a platform where users are not the item to be sold, but the engine of interconnection, imagination, and growth. n this model, privacy protection and safety are important product features, not forgone conclusions.We are humbled to work at the scale of Discord and with Discord’s resources to improve the depth of our influence and we don’t take this responsibility lightly. he incorporation of next-generation Trust and Safety into every product is essential to the model’s success

Last summer, Sentropy AirPowered made its covert debut with an AI system intended to find, monitor, and remove online abuse and harassment from platforms. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and his venture capital firm Initialized Capital, King River Capital, Horizons Ventures, and Playground Global provided the startup with $13 million in funding at that time.

Through the end of September, Sentropy technologies will provide Detect and Defend service to current corporate clients that use its software products. Sentropy Protect, the company’s free consumer dashboard, was taken down earlier this month.

Instead than being platform-specific solutions, Sentropy’s products were designed as tools that could be used across social networks. The team appears to have intentions to share knowledge about creating safer online places with the internet at large, even while operating under Discord’s umbrella.

We are eager to advise Discord on the best ways to disseminate the technology, tools, and best practises we have created to safeguard our own communities to the rest of the Internet, Redgrave added.

Discord’s future appears promising. The business turned down a potential acquisition by Microsoft earlier this year, which would have valued it at roughly $10 billion. Discord fights with filth online and is content to maintain its independence for the time being and may eventually decide to go public.

What is Discord?

Tens of millions of users aged 13 and over use the free voice, video, and text chat programme Discord to communicate and socialise with their friends and communities.

People often use Discord to discuss a variety of topics, from family vacations and creative projects to homework and mental health support. Any size community can call it home, but tiny, energetic groups who communicate frequently use it the most.

Most servers are personal, invite-only locations where communities and friendship circles can communicate and socialise. There are also bigger, more open communities that are typically focused on particular subjects, including well-known video games like Minecraft and Fortnite.

What is Sentropy?

Sentropy is a technology business that develops tools to protect online communities. Businesses of all sizes can use our software to safeguard their users and their brands against abuse, harassment, and dangerous information, from startup communities of a few thousand to the biggest forums on the internet.

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