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Customize Your Fingerboard: Some Easy Tips To Get Started

A fingerboard is a mini version of a skateboard that users ride with the help of fingers. However, it contains all the skateboard parts, such as wheels, trucks, decks, and even deck graphics. Unlike the skateboard, a fingerboard is too small, and it can be a bit challenging to use, especially for beginners. In addition, it is difficult to ride on a fingerboard without proper guidance. 

Many people like to customize fingerboard to make them more attractive and easy to use. However, one needs to consider many things while customizing it. Here are some of the best tips you can use to customize your fingerboard.

Paint the Deck

Painting the deck is one of the easiest ways to customize a fingerboard. However, first, you need to scratch the image already present on the deck with sandpaper. Once the existing graphic is removed and the surface becomes smooth, you can apply the acrylic paint with a soft brush.

Paint the Trucks

You can paint the trucks to customize your fingerboard. First, you need to make the top and bottom parts apart and sand them lightly. Then paint all the truck parts except the threaded portion where wheels are attached to the truck.

Dye the Wheels

Yes, you can dye the wheels using regular fabric dyes. However, you need to leave them dyed for a day to ensure a brighter color. You can also use paint on the wheels with color in contrast with the deck to make it look like a professional fingerboard

Paint the Bolts/Screws

Most people overlook the screws and bolts in a fingerboard. As these parts are very small, it is impossible to paint them with a brush. The best way to paint bolts and screws is to open them from the fingerboard. Then tie them with a thread one by one and dip in the desired paint color for a moment and take out immediately. Let every bolt and screw dry completely before putting it back on the fingerboard.

Change the Wheels

Users who want some extra customization can change the wheels. If you want to offer your fingerboard a fancy look, install some bright colored bigger wheels on it. Make sure the wheels you buy are compatible for installation on your fingerboard. 

Add Risers

Risers are tiny plastic pieces placed under the bottom of the truck. You can add some risers to increase the board’s pop to make the customization easier. Like a lifted car with raised suspensions, your fingerboard looks raised with risers installed.

Change Bushings

The decks on fingerboards come with tough plastic bushings that you can replace with soft PVC bushings. The PVC bushings are available in a wide range of colors. You can choose a color that creates good contrast or matches the rest of the parts.

Custom Grip Tape

It is very easy to customize the grip tape on your fingerboard. First, you need a pencil to draw the design on the paper side of the tape. Then, cut the design and arrange various colors to create different patterns. 

Add Pivot Cups

There is a kingpin on the top truck and a master hole at the bottom truck. When the kingpin does not connect with the bottom hole, you can use a pivot cup to cover the gap between them to hold the trucks together. Pivot cups are also available in different colors. 


These were some tips to customize any fingerboard. You can use all these tips or pick some of them to add colors and style to your fingerboard. It is best to create a drawing of your custom fingerboard before using these tips to know how it should look after customization. Knowing the final looks of your fingerboard enables you to make the most of these tips.

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