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Coronavirus and Exercise: Severe symptoms of corona and risk of death among non-exercising people

  • April 14, 2021
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Coronavirus and Exercise: Severe symptoms of corona and risk of death among non-exercising people

Coronavirus and exercise Even if you are unable to go to the gym due to the coronavirus epidemic. You cannot do cycling or jogging in the park, but do some exercise at home.  Coronavirus and exercise Among those who do not have physical activity at all, the risk of death from Covid is many times higher.
The second wave of Coronavirus (Coronavirus second wave) is causing havoc in India.  In the last 24 hours, more than 1 lakh 85 thousand new infected cases of coronavirus have reported.

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Despite this, many people are still not following the necessary rules like masks and social distancing. To avoid corona, it is important to strengthen your immunity. Along with a healthy and balanced diet, exercise is also necessary.

The risk of death is higher among those who do not exercise

According to new research, people who do not exercise, whether it is due to laziness or due to lack of time. those who have laphistyl sedantary means to sit.  in one place all day, corona in such people there is a high probability of death from it. Read More:- Mint Lassi Recipe  Healthy and So taste Drink 

Therefore, in this difficult time, it is very important to exercise regularly and keep yourself fit every day. This new research has published.  British Journal of Sports Medicine, in which more than 50,000 people infected with the coronavirus were included. Read More:- Benefits Black Pepper Eat just 3 black peppers every day, the benefits will surprise you, diseases will also stay away

Risk of hospitalization due to Covid

According to this new research, people who are physically inactive for the last two years, that is not doing any physical activity, are not exercising. They get hospitalized get corona infection. The risk of death in ICU or death increases manifold.

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The study found that for people who have already had organ transplants and whose age is more, the risk of death from Kovid is higher than those who do not exercise only.

The authors of the study reported those who did not do physical activity case of being seriously ill. Risk of death after being infected  Coronavirus. Also suffered from obesity and high blood pressure patients. left it.

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The risk of serious infection of Kovid-19 is more for those who are older, who already have diabetes or heart disease, or if they are male.

The study results show that people who are active or have no physical activity are 20 percent more. Likely admitted to the ICU as a result of hospitalization due to covid-19 infection. 10 percent is more and the risk of death from Kovid is 32 percent.

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