Complete guide to shopping at a dispensary

  • March 14, 2022
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Complete guide to shopping at a dispensary

Walking into a dispensary for the first time can be daunting. There are so many different products and strains to choose from, and you might feel overwhelmed by all the options. But shopping at a dispensary doesn’t have to be intimidating — especially if you know what questions to ask. It’s not like shopping in any other type of retail store. Here’s a walkthrough and tips of what to expect the next time you visit a dispensary, and some tips for shopping for cannabis products:

Come with requirements needed

When you arrive at a dispensary for the first time, you’ll be required to show a valid form of ID that proves you are of age. After checking in with the receptionist, you’ll be greeted by an “educator” who will ask you a few questions to help determine what products might best suit your needs. Most dispensaries have staff on hand who can explain the differences between products and help guide you through the selection process. If you don’t see anyone immediately, don’t be afraid to ask where you can find help.

Call them and ask if they offer educational classes or training sessions that can teach you more about what they sell. There, they will present several options and walk you through each one. Budtenders should be able to provide detailed descriptions of each strain’s effects, aroma, and other characteristics relevant to your needs.

Beginners should consider starting with edibles or oils, as they are easy to use and provide predictable effects. Edibles might take a while to kick in than other forms of marijuana — sometimes up to two hours — but their effects are also more long-lasting. Oils can be vaporized using pens or e-cigarettes, which is gentler on your throat and lungs than smoking. Some people also find vape pens convenient because they look similar to e-cigarettes and don’t smell as strong as marijuana smoke.

Take time to figure things out

Buying weed is a lot like shopping at any other business. You want to be able to browse the selection and make an informed choice. Dispensaries can be very deliberate in their organization and layout. The most popular products are often placed in the front of the store, while more specialized or higher-quality products may be located in a different area.

In addition, dispensaries are often divided into different sections. The first section is typically where medical patients check-in at a counter to show their identification and credentials. From there, they are often allowed into another section of the dispensary, where they can shop for cannabis products. Dispensary staff is there to help you. But they are also busy fulfilling other customers’ orders and managing inventory. So it’s good to allow yourself plenty of time when visiting a dispensary for the first time.

If you have questions about a particular strain or product, the staff can help. If you have medical concerns, the staff should be able to answer basic questions and recommend products that might help with your condition. However, it is recommended that you talk with your healthcare provider before using any medical cannabis products.

Pick strains that suit your needs

An individual should pick out a few strains that are of interest; check out reviews for each strain to see what other people are saying about it. You can also use a dispensary finder to search and locate ‘dispensary near me‘ that sells those strains. Don’t forget to call the dispensary ahead of time and ask if they have what you’re looking for in stock.

Most dispensaries will have multiple strains with varying amounts of THC and CBD and different terpenes. Terpenes are chemical compounds that give each strain its unique taste and effects. Different combinations produce different experiences, so ask the budtender which strains will best suit your needs. You’ll also want to ask about pricing and any specials they may have going on.

At the dispensary, remember that the budtender’s job is to answer all of your questions and help guide you through the process. The more information they have about what products or effects you’re looking for, the better they’ll be able to help. Don’t be shy! Whether you’re new to shopping at dispensaries or you’ve been going for years, you should always shop smart. Do some research on reviews and different products before you arrive at the store so that you maximize your time there. You’ll also want to consider some options for things to do beforehand or afterward. As long as you have a good experience, you’ll be able to go back again and again.

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