OthersComic Con Tampa: Ideas, Cast, Aesthetic, Touch

Comic Con Tampa: Ideas, Cast, Aesthetic, Touch

Comic Con Tampa hosts one of the most biggest comic cons each and every year. It is situated in Florida and is a three day event. First it was only an attraction for comic lovers. Now even movies and TV shows are a part of it. Anything in the entertainment business can be found in comic con. Comic con is short for comic convection.

HOW DOES IT WORK?: Comic Con Tampa

Here fans are able to meet their famous comic characters. There are people who cosplay as different characters from any comic, tv show or movie. Different people from all over the world come to meet and greet these people. It also provides a sense of gathering of all the people that have the same taste in comics/movies as you. It is like a super geek fest of sci fi fantasy shows and comics. It takes place for three whole days.

This annual event features a wide variety of guests that come to attend this. This includes, star wars, star trek, manga, anime, cosplay – these are only a few. Not only this, but huge famous celebs from the comic industry also come. Fans are always excited to meet these people as they have been reading their comics from a long time.


In this big event, it is important to categorize the guests that participate in the convention. There are three categories of guests : Celebs, authors and the comic creators.


The 2022 Tampa Bay comic con has not decided it’s registration location yet. The dates will be posted on the site when it is announced. The pre-registration dates are also yet to be announced but the registration dates are open. They are from Friday July 29th to Sunday July 31st . People who have  registered will receive a wrist band that they have to wear for the entire time in the event or else they won’t be allowed.

Comic Con Tampa

TICKET INFO: Comic Con Tampa

There are three types of ticket being sold right now at the online site.

Gold pass – 195$

Multi pass – 60$

Vip pass – 295$

The vip pass has many perks and the list is long. You will get unlimited access to the VIP area and also free shirts. While with the multi pass, you will only get access to the vendor floor. The Gold pass is good if you think VIP is too expensive, it also has perks but definitely more than the multi pass and less than the VIP pass. There are single day passes also available.


Friday July 29th : 11am to 10pm

Saturday July 30th : 9am to 10pm

Sunday July 31st : 9am to 5pm


Tampa Bay convention centre

333 S Franklin street

Tampa, Florida 33602


Film & TV actors : Sean Maguire, Lana Parrilla, Khary Payton, Paola lazaro, Dean Cain, Rj mitte, Elizabeth Maxwell, Summer Glau and others.

Comic creators : Amy Chu, Sergio Cariello, Joe Rubinstein, Bob Camp and others.

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