Blendin Blandin Anime, Creative. Touch, Looks, Career

  • October 29, 2022
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Blendin Blandin Anime, Creative. Touch, Looks, Career

No cartoon show is complete without a proper protagonist and a funny antagonist who always fails to win over the goodwill of the main characters. Their presence is never hated but they are always shown as typical villains of the cartoon show but it is the protagonist who has the upper hand throughout the show. One such character is Blendin Blandin, who is an antagonist but has his own story behind the evil. Let us know more details about him.


BLENDIN BLANDIN is the cruel, evil, and bad scientist working in the Time Anomaly Removal Crew. He comes from the future from the year 207012, where he has goals to remove time anomalies so that he can have his vengeance over the Twin brothers of Pines-Stan and Stanford.

Blendin first appeared in the very first episode of ‘The Time Traveler’s Pig’. His full name is Blendin Benjamin Blandin who was arrested by the Pine brothers and sent to jail after he tried to remove time anomalies set by Dipper and Mabel. After sending him to prison, Blandin set his wrath on vengeance over the brothers and wanted to take his revenge when he got out of Jail.


Blendin is not a typical violent villain but a funny cruel villain which was what most cartoon shows depict. He is always seen as the guy on a mission extremely smart yet dumb enough to lose to the heroes.

Blendin comes from the far future, hence whenever he wants to communicate with the characters of the show, he time travels himself in front of the character. He is very evil by mind, but the theme of the show sets his evil to a very humorous and sarcastic villain, hence children watching the show never tend to get afraid of him as it might have a negative impact on the younger aged audience.


Blendin appears with a fat figure with a bald head wearing a grey suit and white boots. As he comes from the future, his attire almost matches the scientists from the future. He is also seen with white goggles and a time-traveling device on his watch which always doesn’t work well, hence glitching in the most appropriate of scenes. Therefore, although him being an evil man with a plan of revenge, he mostly stumbles due to his dumb techniques. Blendin has a very secretive personality and he never opens up about himself to anyone.

He is the funny evil villain of the show hence his personality is always sportive and never willing to give up on his revenge. At the end of the show when the Pines Twin brother agrees for him to leave this timeline and get his job back, he convinces and leaves his evil plan hence giving us the idea of him being humble by heart as well not so evil that he makes himself look like.



Blendin is the only villain of the cartoon show and due to his comic appearance, his evil yet not dark plans make him the antagonist of the cartoon show. Although he has a lot of evil plans and is the main villain, he is never hated by the audience, especially children due to his funny, sarcastic touch of characterization and people love his attire of being a fat villain who looks rather funny than evil. He is quite popular and people do love his decision of forgetting about revenge after he gets his job back and becomes normal because most of the time revenge always ends up with dark, gruesome endings, but in this cartoon, everything seems to end up as good and happy.

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