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6 Reasons To Become A Truck Driver In 2022

The UK is facing a serious shortage of truck drivers, but what are the other reasons to become a truck driver? 

Well, today we are going to be talking about the 6 main reasons to become a truck driver in 2022. From a truck driver salary in the UK to travel opportunities, life on the road does come with its advantages.

So let’s dive in. 

1. The Money!

Now, let’s be frank, money is important. No matter how many perks a job comes with, money is always going to be the top priority. The truck driver’s salary in the UK can range up to £50,000. Of course, this is dependent on your training, and the company that you drive for, but overall truck driving is known to be fairly well paid. 

2. Employee Benefits 

Studies have shown that truck drivers report high levels of employee satisfaction. This can be attributed to the fantastic benefits that a lot of companies in the industry have to offer. So, if you do your research and find a company like this, you could find yourself very content in a truck driver job.

3. The Chance to Explore 

A lot of people want to see the world, and when you’re a truck driver, you certainly can. Truck driving will take you up and down the country, allowing you to soak up all that Great Britain has to offer.

Only, this way you’re getting paid to travel and see the scenery!

4. The Training is Simple 

The HGV test has high pass rates in the UK, meaning that most people find it fairly simple. 

We suggest that you learn how to become an HGV driver and see the training for yourself before making any decisions though.

5. Fantastic Workplace Culture 

It is widely known that the HGV driving community has just that, a real sense of community and belonging. If you were to join as a trucker, you would be part of a strong culture filled with proud men and women across the UK. 

For women, the amount of female truck drivers increases every year, so the workforce is becoming very gender inclusive too!

6. Your Job Is Your Own

A lot of truck drivers report to love the freedom of the job. Blasting your own music as loud as you want, being effectively you’re own manager. If you are someone who likes to be independent with nobody breathing down your neck, this job is perfect for you. 

Become A Truck Driver Today!

With all of these reasons to become a truck driver, just do it! Join the thousands of proud, independent truck drivers in the UK already. 

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