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6 Different Types of Lighting for the Office

  • December 16, 2022
  • 3 min read
6 Different Types of Lighting for the Office

Poor lighting in any place makes the environment dull and gloomy. When it comes to the workplace, it is highly important to have perfect lighting, as poor lighting leads to several issues like stress, headache, fatigue, and even accidents. Similarly, excessive lighting is also not good, as it leads to issues like glare and stress. As per studies, having adequate lighting at work pays off in the form of increased productivity and decreased errors. This is why proper office lighting is highly important. One can either improve the existing lights or install new lighting fixtures. Improvement in illumination does not mean unnecessarily adding more light. Rather, it means: 

  • Making better use of the existing lights
  • Ensuring that all the lights are functional and clean
  • Making sure that the lights are positioned properly
  • Ensure maximisation of the natural light

Usually, it is considered good to have a combination of natural and artificial lighting. But, there are some places in the office where no natural light is available. In such a case, workplace lighting becomes essential to install. 

There are numerous things to consider when choosing office lighting, from effective task illumination to energy efficiency, which helps reduce utility expenses. Here are some lighting options you can consider installing on your premises for better visibility. 

#1 LED Lighting

LED office lights are among the most desirable options for several reasons. They have a long life span: anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 hours. Their output quality is excellent, and they never get overheated. Also, LED lights have the lowest wattages with high-lumen outputs. These lights use very less energy compared to their counterparts. Also, LED lights are available in many options, like tubes, bulbs, rope lighting, and more. 

#2 Flat Panel LED Light Fixtures

Your workspace may become brighter and more productive for office workers with a proper overhead lighting system. With traditional-style lighting fixtures concealed behind ceiling panels to illuminate the entire office while keeping office light fittings out of sight, LED flat-panel ceiling lights are a high-performing alternative. These are available in different sizes that can be easily installed in your ceiling grid. For example: 

  • Square: (2×2) LED flat panel
  • Rectangular: (1×4) LED flat panel
  • Rectangular: (2×4) LED flat panel

#3 Suspended Office Lighting Fixture

In some office areas, there is a need for more subtle light sources. In certain situations, suspended office lights can produce excellent illumination. The elegant diffused light from linear hanging LED office lights is comfortable on the eyes while still producing a lot of light. This architectural lighting fixture comes in various designs and is simple to install and maintain.

#4 Recessed Lighting Fixture 

The office ceiling has apertures that are evenly distributed with LED recessed lighting. Recessed lighting produces certain light patterns that shine from the ceiling, with a direct light concentrated downward.

#5 LED Flat Panel Lights 

One of the most popular lighting fixtures for offices and warehouses is an LED flat-panel light. These lights are mounted behind the ceiling tiles. 

#6 Troffer Lighting Fixtures

Troffer light fixtures are considered the best options for drop ceilings. They brighten the interior spaces and are installed in suspended, grid, or T-bar ceilings. They may be surface-mounted, hung, placed into a recessed ceiling grid, or positioned above the grid.

To summarise, these are some of the best workplace lighting options you can install in your office space and enhance the lighting. 

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