5 Ways to Relax During a Stressful Week

  • March 11, 2022
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5 Ways to Relax During a Stressful Week

We live in stressful times, no doubt. 

Today, a whopping 84% of adult Americans report experiencing feelings linked to prolonged stress. It gets even more concerning if you consider that 67% of American adults feel like the nation is going through serious and overwhelming issues.

Almost everyone is dealing with their fair share of stress, whether work-related, family issues, responsibilities, social expectations, etc.

The question is, what happens when you feel beat and stressed out?

You need to have activities that help you unwind, recharge, and relax after a stressful week.

Luckily we have the five best ways to help you relax amidst all the stress and tension in your week.

1. Watch a Netflix

Was there a world without Netflix?

It doesn’t seem likely. Anyhow, logging into your account and picking up right from where you left off last weekend might be just what you need.

The streaming giant has countless TV shows and movies that you’ll always find something worth your while.

If you’re what’s the deal about Netflix, well, any other service will do. There are many. Still, there’s something unique about Netflix that’s perfect for chilling.

New Yorker reporter Kyle Chayka talks about “ambient” shows on Netflix created to give you the same feeling as sitting in a park. These shows offer predictable plot lines and cliche character tropes that subtly engage you and smoothen disruptive thoughts.  

When everything else is suffocating, Netflix might just be the perfect distraction.

2. Dine Out with Friends

Weekends are usually more fun because we eat better food — not necessarily healthy — and make merry with family or friends.

You don’t want that routine to change because it may be the only thing getting you through stressful days.

Dining out helps change the surroundings and offers much-needed social support from family and friends. A PubMed study on support systems of college youths determined that family and friends’ support tremendously helps in coping with stress. 

The nice thing about dining out with friends is that you leave in a more relaxed state of mind than when you came. The mind automatically resets after a few hours at a beach resort filled with much talk and fun. 

Remember, it’s all about connecting, giving, and receiving care.

3. Try Marijuana

One of the best things about pot is its chill factor. It doesn’t just help you relax, it also acts as a stress reliever.

Marijuana’s ability to relieve stress is tied to many factors such as:

  • The level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): THC is a psychoactive compound in marijuana known for its relaxing components in lower doses. 
  • Surroundings: it’s always better to hit a joint with familiar faces
  • Body condition: trying marijuana when feeling unwell may have unwanted effects 

If you’re going to use legal marijuana, we advise you to consult a professional knowledgeable about the different strains and their effects. Talk to them about dosage and methods of consumption like smoking or edibles. It’d be helpful to look into the pros and cons of consuming edibles as well as smoking.

4. Take a Yoga Class

Yoga is probably the trendy stress reliever for all age groups. And you can spread the mat pretty much anywhere. At a park, in your bedroom, and any other place with ample space free from distractions. 

The practice rejuvenates the mind and body through unique techniques that can help you reach a point of calmness and relaxation with ease.  

There are multiple videos and tutorials on performing yoga moves, but it’s best to enroll in a class for a deeper understanding. 

5. Go to the Park

Public spaces and specifically parks offer the best dosage for relaxation. There is fresh air, chirping birds, and sounds of flowing water. Sometimes it’s just the beautiful resounding silence. These conditions and many more can get you relaxed and less stressed in a few minutes. 

These nature prescriptions can be boosted further with the help of mindfulness practices like:

  • Yoga
  • Forest Bathing: involves feeling nature, touching it, or even camping. 
  • Meditation: focusing on removing distressing thoughts and thinking positively. 

Parks, therefore, offer safe, clean, and calm environments that can help connect with nature and get you relaxed. 

Take Away

Stress might be universal, but you can do something about it. You never have to let it occupy a big part of your life when there are many ways to counter it. Try any of these strategies to relax, recharge and manage stress. 

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