5 Tips on Creating Instagram Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

  • February 1, 2022
  • 3 min read
5 Tips on Creating Instagram Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

It’s important to know the latest Instagram marketing statistics. For example, did you know that Instagram is close behind Facebook in popularity?

Statistics aside, you can’t expect to succeed with your social media marketing unless you develop a real strategy. Knowing that there are over 1 billion Instagram users won’t help you if you don’t plan out your Instagram posts!

So, if you’re creating Instagram marketing strategies, where can you start? What steps should you take?

Read on for five tips that will come in handy when you’re marketing with Instagram.

1. Brand Your Aesthetic

Instagram content is meant to be viewed both within the feed and as a cohesive grid. When Instagram users view your profile, they’re looking for a consistent and aesthetically pleasing grid of posts. Before you start photographing, designing, or filming content, make sure that you are incorporating your brand’s color scheme, font, and other staple elements.

2. Schedule Your Posts

Both the algorithm and the users of Instagram don’t love sporadic posting. Planning, executing, and scheduling your content weeks or months in advance is a great way to save time and boost your account’s success. Aim for no more than one post per day and no less than two posts per week to maintain your viewers’ interest.

3. Don’t Forget Instagram Stories

Instagram stories aren’t just an “extra feature” anymore. Many Instagram users are viewing Instagram Stories with more regularity than traditional posts. Make sure that you’re posting at least once a week on your Instagram Story, offering behind-the-scenes looks, asking interactive questions, and sharing links to your products or services.

4. Focus on Followers

Instagram is one of those tricky platforms that use an algorithm to boost or silence posts; to increase engagement, you need to have engagement. One of the best ways to show Instagram that your content is interesting and deserves more attention is by increasing your follower count. This is not as simple as it sounds, so make sure to read this guide on how to get followers on Instagram.

5. Encourage Engagement

Another way to beat the algorithm and get more eyes on your posts is to encourage engagement; in other words, create content that prompts your followers to interact with your account. That means that you should host contests and giveaways that encourage commenting, following, and reposting. You should also ask questions and request feedback in your stories and captions. 

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Creating Instagram Marketing Strategies

Staying on top of social media marketing isn’t all about tracking the statistics. Creating Instagram marketing strategies is half the battle, too! Use these five tips to put together a strategy and develop regular Instagram posts that boost your following, increase engagement, and improve your sales.

Wondering what’s trending right now and how you can better connect with your followers? Take a look around as we tackle subjects like health, entertainment, and beauty. You never know what might inspire your next Instagram post!

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