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5 Steps to Take if You See Someone Speeding

Driving is a privilege, not a right, in the United States. When you obtain your driver’s license for the first time or renew it, the Department of Motor Vehicles pamphlets will remind you.

Drivers, pedestrians, and construction workers share the roads. Therefore, everyone must participate in keeping them safe. For example, a science behind speed limits exists. Slower speed in residential areas keep children safe. Higher speed limits on the highways help traffic move smoothly.

Every driver has seen a speeding vehicle pass them on the highway, and so have pedestrians and construction workers. 

Common reasons why drivers speed includes:

  • Running late
  • Family emergency
  • Bad mood
  • Disregard for others 

There is little that drivers can do to stop a speeding one. Instead, focus on your safety. Then, practice good road manners. For example, let the driver pass you. You can’t judge them on the spot. It’s probably annoying, but you have somewhere you need to go, right?

Instead of letting their driving ruin your day, let’s take a look at five steps to take if you see someone speeding.

1. Create Space Between Your Vehicle and Others

Driving above the speed limits puts others in danger since the driver might lose control of the car. A speeding vehicle requires more time to stop. It can quickly slam into the car in front of them.

The vehicle can also slam into those on its side if it spins out or swerves.

Once you spot someone traveling above the speed limit, start creating space between your vehicle and others.

Defensive driving states that tailgating vehicles is a no-no. Instead, you must leave a car length in front of you for every 10 miles of speed. Other drivers will notice the action that you have taken and realize what is happening. Then, they may also start to open up the road.

After creating space between you and other drivers, give the speeding vehicle the right of way. You don’t know if their house has caught on fire or their pregnant wife is about to give birth.

2. Give Them the Right of Way

Assume that the driver has a good reason for raising their speed. Then, let them pass you.

Moreover, highway patrol will spot the vehicle and handle the situation. Highway patrol officers have the tools and training.

3. Pull Over

Pull over if necessary. You must put the safety of your passengers and yourself higher than a reckless driver. Statistics show that passengers receive the most impactful injuries during traffic collisions. 

If something does happen to your vehicle, make a call. You’ll need legal guidance.

When you pull over, you must do so safely. Vehicles behind you might not spot you quickly and can lead to worse circumstances. 

4. Make a Call

If the speeding driver engages in other dangerous behavior, such as exiting and re-entering their lane, make a call to the highway patrol authorities. 

After safely pulling over to the side of the road, take note of the vehicle and its actions. For example, note its direction. The highway patrol team will notify its patrol cars in the field.

They also want to know the vehicle’s color and make. If you have excellent eyesight, take note of the license plate. 

Making a call helps the authorities keep people safe. There’s no way of knowing if the driver is attempting to escape the law. Thus, you’ll perform a good samaritan duty.

5. Change Your Route

After making a call, safely pull back into traffic. If necessary, change your route. You don’t know if the driver will cause problems up ahead that could lead to a bad traffic jam. 

Your goal is to avoid issues that will slow you down more. 

Maybe you can take a better route with fewer hazards, such as a less congested road.

Avoid the urge to step on the metal too. The highway patrol will stop drivers who drive under the limit and impede traffic. To them, the speed might indicate that you need help.

For example, older adults might need to drive, but they have fear. Highway patrols can check in on them and assist.


The public will always come across drivers who speed. Although it’s dangerous, they sometimes do have a valid reason for driving above the limit. Instead of letting their reckless driving ruin your day, let the authorities handle the situation. Keep your passengers and yourself safe by giving the driver the right of way and creating space between your car and others.

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