5 Jewelry Pieces Men Can Wear

  • May 23, 2022
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5 Jewelry Pieces Men Can Wear

Pieces of jewelry are statements that can elevate any outfit, and while these statements were considered feminine for so long, that is not the case now. Gone are the days when women only wore jewelry because, in modern times, men are picking it up too.

Celebrities like Lil Nas Xs, Shawn Mendes, and Harry Styles have encouraged men to express themselves in many aspects, and jewelry is one of them. 

There are a lot of jewelry pieces for men in the market; however, each male has their preference and style. If you are someone who plans on wearing some chic and minimal jewelry to spice up your looks but doesn’t know what to wear, hop on below.

5 Jewelry Pieces Which Will Spice Up any Male Wardrobe

There is no denying that even a small chain or a cute cufflink can raise your style bar to the maximum. Jewelry tends to elevate any outfit, and if you want to play around with some jewelry to look chic, then here are five statement pieces that will take your dress-up game to the next level.

  1. A Simple or Statement Ring

Rings for long have been a symbol of commitment for married men. Or you have usually seen gangsters in movies wearing a bunch of them. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t sport a ring too.

Men in this modern era have picked up rings as everyday wear, and with rings becoming so trendy for men, the market has started to offer a wide variety. To start, a simple metal ring works best for most. It gives a minimalistic look, but it looks chic and stylish too.

However, if you want a more statement piece sitting on your finger, a heavy or large head ring would look amazing. All this, followed by stones or engraved scriptures, will give your ring an appealing look while elevating your outfit simultaneously. 

So for those looking for men’s wedding bands, these days you’ll find that even the more ostentatious choices are suitable. While traditionally men were expected to opt for more minimalist choices, these days gemstones and elaborate designs are quite stylish. So regardless of your personal preference, you’ll find that adding a ring to your wardrobe can definitely help it stand out.

  1. Necklace or Chain

Rings, though, are commonly worn by men; the necklace or chains take the second position as the most common jewelry that men wear. For ages, necklaces were considered a more feminine product; however, men these days don’t shy away from it.

A gorgeous chain or a stunning pendant necklace is a great statement piece to bring out your outfit and make it even more appealing. There is a wide variety of artificial and mens gold pendants on the market, and you can choose the one you like.

However, if you are someone who really wants to try out a pendant necklace but still believes it to fall more on the feminine side, here is a tip.

Dainty necklaces look feminine and heavy ones give off a thug feel; you can always try one in between. Try a necklace with a long chain and stunning mid-size pendant which attracts you. Not only will wearing it make you look chic, but you will ooze with different confidence too. 

  1. Watches

This is one piece of jewelry we don’t have to convince you to wear. For ages now, watches and men go hand in hand (quite literally). Every man understands how a watch looks great on their hands and changes their whole look entirely.

There are a variety of watches on the market, from chain straps to the thick leather ones, and each holds its uniqueness. However, if you are someone who has a watch passed down from generation to generation, the aesthetic it holds is something else.

So, while most men do sport a watch, we would still like to convince those who don’t. Watches are a fantastic piece of jewelry to add to your wardrobe and a great way to elevate your clothes.

  1. Bracelets

If you look it that way, watches and bracelets are two peas of the same pod. However, while men wear watches with confidence, bracelets are something that they shy away from.

Why so? The market holds such exceptional pieces and designs when it comes to bracelets. Each offers a fantastic look, from the thin dainty ones to the thick pieces. However, the design and style are not all.

These bracelets come in both gold and artificial forms and while buying artificial ones isn’t a big deal, you have to be more cautious with the gold ones. There are many articles online that help you with how to buy real gold, so when buying a gold bracelet, you can always check them out.

  1. Cufflinks and Tie Clips

Cufflinks and Tie clips are such dainty and minimalistic pieces, and yet they tend to elevate your looks.

Cufflinks give your shirts a more appealing look and spice up your sleeves. While they come in simple forms, there are many other trendy statement pieces. With different designs and looks in cufflinks, you can always buy the one which suits you the best. 

Cufflinks, while are small pieces that might go unnoticed by some, tie clips are the exact opposite. Sitting there on your dress shirt, a tie clip will be visible to all. However, this thin piece will not only help to hold your tie in place but will give your corporate self a pretty professional look.

What to Look for While Buying Jewelry?

Buying jewelry isn’t that hard if you understand what style suits you best. Once you are through this, you will have to focus on the material and what type of jewelry you want to sport.

Understanding all this before making a jewelry purchase will help you buy jewelry quickly. 


If you are a man who wants to start wearing jewelry but are hesitant and confused about which pieces to add to your wardrobe, then we hope this article was of help.

Jewelry is not just statement pieces, but they are an expression of you as a person. Understand yourself and your style, and once you start wearing jewelry after this, the confidence you will ooze will be incomparable. 

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