Entertainment5 Best Movies Every Doctor Must Watch

5 Best Movies Every Doctor Must Watch

The medical field is known as a dry, serious, and boring field where most people lack time for entertainment. With such a hectic routine, taking time out to follow decade-long TV series, a lot of melodrama and some badly executed medical scenarios can be quite disappointing. Moreover, most doctors look for something that is entraining yet short and informative.

If you are looking for such content, keep reading as we mention some of the best movies that every doctor much add to their watch list. These movies are simple to understand and easy to follow with fact back up.

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5 Best Movies Every Doctor Must Watch

Here are some of the best movies that every doctor or medical professional must watch.

1-   Awakenings

Available on: Netflix

Release: 1990

Runtime: 2hr. 1m

Genre: Drama, History, Psychology

Synopsis: A new doctor recruited in the psychiatry ward tries to cure catatonic patients with a new drug that brings them to life but as the drug creates resistance, unexpected side effects kick in.

Awakening is a movie based on a real-life story. It talks about the impact of experimentation in the early days of psychiatry. The movie revolved around the diagnosis and then the treatment of catatonia. From a viewer’s point of view, there is no doubt that story is very strong but if you look at the cinematography you will notice a grey haze over each scene.

This truly explains how it feels when the mind and body do not work well. The story is a tribute to the bravery of all the doctors and the people who are willing to take the first step, become part of the experimentation and help medical science with their courage. Moreover, as a viewer, you will become thankful for simple and small things in life by looking at the misery of the patients.

2-   Good Nurse

Available on: Netflix

Release: 2022

Runtime: 2hr. 1m

Genre: Crime, Drama

Synopsis: As the newly hired nurse starts working, the death toll in the ward starts growing due to mysterious reasons but soon a fellow nurse explores the dirty secret

A good nurse is a real-life crime drama movie that offers a rare insight into the life of one of the most famous criminals in medicine. The movie might not show you a bloodbath but the subtle hints that are connected to death are good enough to get you the creeps. Exceptionally dark and sometimes triggering anxiety, this movie will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The movie does not just offer the story; the cinematography of the movie fully complements its thriller side. Within the movie, you will see more use of natural skin which points out the possibility of reality however, the story is so naturally content that you will feel the emotions radiating through the screen.

3-   Brain on Fire

Available on: Netflix

Release: 2016

Runtime: 1hr. 35m

Genre: Drama, Biography

Synopsis: A healthy young student suddenly starts feeling deterioration in the function of one side of the body, continuously misdiagnosed and judged; a new doctor takes the lead and helps her get the treatment she desperately needed.

In the world of psychology where things are continuously evolving and medical health officers are continuous, learning new things a brilliant young girl starts showing symptoms of a disease unknown. In the era of science and technology where the diagnosis is fairly easy, doctors struggle to figure out the reason behind the problem.

However, after several misdiagnoses just when she is about to give up, and strong-willed refuge doctor comes to her rescue. With help of his unconventional ways, she gets the diagnosis and soon the recovery process starts leading her to normal life.

4-   To the Bone

Available on: Netflix

Release: 2017

Runtime: 1hr. 47m

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Synopsis: A young girl diagnosed with anorexia struggles on the road to recovery as she is admitted to several recovery programs with no solution in sight but things take a wild turn when she is introduced to the new doctor

The movie highlights one of the most important topics in medical science today. Where most people struggle to lose weight, a young girl suffering from anorexia fails to gain some weight. Even after several boot camps and multiple treatment therapies, she fails to get the recovery her body desperately needs.

 Soon after, she is admitted to a patient recovery program that is far different from what she has already seen and experienced. The unconventional methods of the recovery camp not only help her to recover but also get her to normal life.

5-   Take Your Pills

Available on: Netflix

Release: 2018

Runtime: 1hr. 27m

Genre: Documentary, Medical, Drugs

Synopsis: As the world become competitive, more people start to work harder but some have an unconventional hard work partner in the form of drug that can help them outperform

In a world where more people are willing to do everything in their power to work more and become successful, a drug epidemic is on its way but this time it is affecting the driven and ambitious. The movie gets the viewer to the heard of the new drug epidemic, including offices, workspaces schools, colleges, and more.

The people working on good jobs and living a seemingly normal life are slowly trying to push boundaries with the help of performance-boosting medications that can help them perform better in life. The documentary does not offer one side of the story but rather stays neutral offering a very raw picture of the situation.

Bottom Line

Most medical entertainments consist of lengthy TV shows that can go on for decades. As a doctor, you cannot waste your time on these lengthy dramas, the above-mentioned movies are a great way to keep you entertained without dragging the storyline or making it boring.

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